PAYG+Roadming ridiculous problem


    Good day, i have a problem.. at the moment im in Russia and i download T-mobile app on my Iphone for easy enroll my acc,this app need connection to cellurar internet for log in in to app, i add data service for 1 day but its doesnt work,no internet connection. then i try #766# it's doesn't help.. and now my calls and sms stopped working! when i call at any number  I fall on the #611# customer service.. i have two questions:  does my plan have international roaming? &    how do I get calls back and sms !? before i trying to use data in roaming calls&sms work pefrectly

    My current plan Pay as you go

    sorry for my English,thank you!!!

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: PAYG+Roadming ridiculous problem

        Hey there! Our pay as you go plans do not have international data roaming capabilities so you will not be able to access apps that require data on the cellular network. You can in fact call and text message while roaming in a country where we have roaming agreements with the local carriers but your account must have the needed funds to be able to make those calls and texts. You can check out the rates here.  If you are out of funds on your account, you can use this site to do a one-time refill.