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    I have been really hoping to take advantage of a BOGO offer on a new phone but I have some questions and concerns that I will not qualify.

    First off, I have been a customer since before T-mobile was T-mobile.Literally Voicestream. Myself and my family have been on a simple choice plan for as long as i can remember and I get a corporate rate discount. We never come close to going over are allocated data and do not forsee that happening in the future. If so, I would switch to the ONE rate plan but do not need to as of this time.


    So I saw there is a current BOGO currently going on now and my wife and I could really use some new phones (Samsung S8) as our S4's are getting pretty old. The more I dig into details, the more I get disappointed in trying to take advantage of one of these offers. First, do you need to be on the ONE rate plan to take advantage of this? and secondly, i have read you have to activate a new line of service. Well if that is the case I literally just added a line 2 weeks ago for my daughter under my rate plan. Would love to get some clarification.


    What is discouraging is I feel someone like myself and my family, who still have grandfathered plans, do not get any type of "deal" to get new phones and are stuck paying full retail price for them. This turns out to be very costly. You would think that customers who have been loyal this long would be eligible for some type of offer. It does kind of make me want to starting looking at another cell phone provider who is having deals on phones to new customers for switching over.


    Any input or thoughts from the T-mobile folks would be greatly appreciated. 

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      • nelfar212

        Re: Samsung Galaxy BOGO

        if it similar to the last Note 8 BOGO no ended in OCT then no, I like you have the Simple Choice plan the only stipulation of the last bogo was the SC plan had to have Unlimited data which I have. Let me check for sure



        So I just looked and indeed the simple choice plan qualifies you have to have Unlimited smartphone data. I just went through this process.

        1. you will have to purchase both phones on EIP. pay the deposit & taxes on BOTH devices,

        2. add a line of service

        3 Make sure you have a qualified T-Mobile one plan OR Simple Choice plan that has the unlimited data.

        you can make changes to your existing SC plan since you're already on it.


        I have the North American Simple Choice Family Match Promo.

        4 lines for $150,


        • snn555

          Re: Samsung Galaxy BOGO

          I understand the need for new phones but do they HAVE to be $800 flagship phones?  You could easily get 2 new phones for the price of 1 flagship and not need to change plans. Even a $300 phone now is better than a 4-5 year old flagship was then.

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          • cesaribenitez95

            Re: Samsung Galaxy BOGO

            aWW voice steam i miss the phones they had.... but take it from someone that has 12 lines at one point 14 and been a customer since 2005. I know how you feel, the deals seem to be better for new customers. But do the math.... Like in my case i am on the SC 3 for 150 4th line is free.  Right now new customers can only get the 4 lines for 160 on autopay to come close to my plan. So guess what, they pay more on the service. Now in your case you have a discount (which to my understanding were null and void) so I'll bet you pay even less than me.