Galaxy S8 Bluetooth connection issues


    Ever since I got this galaxy S8 I have had problems with my Bluetooth connection. I can pair just fine and I don't seem to have a problem initially connecting. It's during my normal day-to-day activity that I have this issue.


    The connection is not stable. It's very choppy almost like I'm listening to a CD player in a car in 1990. It skips and interrupts music frequently when in my pocket and my headphones are on my head, so within 3ft. It's bad enough that it's a deal breaker for me and I want a different phone. My s7 edge had none of this with the exact same pair of headphones.


    I'm using an LG tone infinim HBS-910 as my main Bluetooth. My wife has the same model buds so I tried using hers and same results. I've obviously unpaired/repaired, rebooted phone, powered off and back on phone, even a last ditch cache wipe with no good results.


    I thought they were releasing a patch for Bluetooth stability but I've had 2 updates now and same old story. Any thoughts? Please don't say "factory restore", I just got this phone and it's been doing this since I got it.

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