Very disappointed: prepaid mobile data account auto-pay charges


    Recently, I needed mobile internet service for one month. For this, I used a T-Mobile prepaid mobile data plan with a USB modem. I needed to have a large amount of data available, and the "passes" are much more expensive per GB. So I purchased the largest available plan (22 GB) for $100.


    Unfortunately, T-Mobile requires that auto-pay be enabled for these "monthly plans". It is not clear that there is any way to disable this after purchasing the plan. The only way to access this is through a tiny "Looking to cancel?" link that is only accessed through one of the two pages for adding additional data. I had seen this link in the past, but never clicked it because I knew I did not want to actually cancel the account. Later I did learn that the auto-pay can actually be disabled through this link, though it does not indicate it at all.


    So T-Mobile suddenly charges me another $100 for service on this mobile data plan that I am no longer using. Now I have a new 22 GB plan that is of no use to me. I contact T-Mobile and they refuse to process a refund. I tried to explain that I was actually forced to register for auto-pay because that is the only way to access the reasonably-priced data plans.


    If T-Mobile's web interface did not hide the option to disable auto-pay, I would have used it and not been charged again for service I do not use.


    Who can I contact to request a refund for this charge? I appreciate any assistance. Thank you!

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