FAIL: Porting VOIP Numbers to T-Mobile


    My current numbers are with NEXTIVA, a VOIP provider.


    As part of the out-porting process, NEXTIVA has given me  my CSR (Customer Service Record) for each number automatically. This combined with my account information from a billing statement should be enough to get the porting done.


    But nope.  I'm on my NINTH try to get a successful port-in to T-mobile. The port request gets denied due to incorrect information. And while the T-mobile porting people are super-polite, they just keep asking for the same exact info again and again. Each call to the T-mobile consumes about 40 minutes, and I go slowly and spell and double check all the info and I don't scream at them. The Cases team is in the Phillipines and overall their English is excellent but you can tell they're reading from a script.


    I believe the problem is T-mobile doesn't use anything written, like an LOA, doesn't use the CSR info, and simply has no way for me to send them the info I have (no email scans or faxes).


    And I can't seem to get the problem escalated up the food chain.


    I've spoken with NEXTIVA, who seems bewildered why the port isn't going through. Their guess is T-Mobile is not providing all the information Nextiva requires.


    Anybody got any ideas?

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      • snn555

        Re: FAIL: Porting VOIP Numbers to T-Mobile

        This is all the information I was able to find it maybe information you already have.


        Your current carrier has rejected our request to port your number. Either there is an account mismatch, a pending order on your account or a feature removal needed. When your port request has been rejected, Nextiva Porting will e-mail you the reason and how to resolve with your current carrier. You must contact your current carrier to obtain the correct information or to resolve the issue. Inform us when the issue has been resolved so that we may resubmit the request.


          • magenta3217170

            Re: FAIL: Porting VOIP Numbers to T-Mobile

            Thanks, snn555, but that's for in-porting TO Nextiva, and this is about out-porting FROM Nextiva.


            When I ported TO Nextiva many years ago, Nextiva wanted three documents in hardcopy (via fax or scan)

            1) An LOA

            2) A CSR

            3) Billing statement.


            T-Mobile doesn't use 2 or 3, and the LOA is a simple electronic form.


            I think Nextiva is being overly fussy for the port-out.

              • cesaribenitez95

                it's sound like Nextiva may have the number on locked down.


                Now you have done it before so Nextiva is not like other VoIP providers that do not support ports (I still question how they can do that). But if they do not have that sock code to block ports= outs, which you may need to speak their retention dept. Then T-Mobile has to send a ticket to the Rate Center that your number is assigned to see what is causing the problem. Which frankly 90% of the time is automatic send after the 1st failed attempted.

                  • magenta3217170

                    Thanks for the input guys.

                    Nextiva just says it's not their problem.

                    T-mobile says it's not their problem either. In fact, the last telephone call I got from T-mobile said they're cancelling the port because I can't provide the right information.


                    I've got a current service provider who wants three pieces of paper to release the number, which I have.

                    T-mobile does not want to use those three pieces of paper and want to do their own "thing".

                    And I'm stuck between these two blockheads.


                    So I'm going to different carrier.


                    Probably porting from one wireless carrier to another, T-mobile does fine. But porting  business-class VOIP to a cellular solution? Forget about it. It's amateur hour.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: FAIL: Porting VOIP Numbers to T-Mobile

                I am so sorry that you have had to go through so much trouble trying to port your number to us! We would be very happy to have your business and if you have not already given up, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter using the links in my signature. They will be able to pull up your account and work directly with the number port teams to find out exactly what is going on for you.