Pixel 2 XL Promotion Redemption Issues.


    To whom it may concern, and also to those reading. The Story goes like this, i walked into a T-Mobile store near where i live, to apply for a new service with my newly purchased Pixel 2 XL, hearing about the wonderful promo i had decided to drop my current non-contract carrier and switch. the t-mobile rep at the store was very helpful and got me my service activated quickly, she told me that she could also help me with signing up with Pixel 2 rebate. This is where the problem began, she had not told me that she used the address on my Driver Licence, which was an old address to set up both my account and, pixel 2 rebate it has been almost a month sense i signed up for my service. Noticing the error quickly i told her, and she assured me she would have it fixed and contact me 3 days later (Friday). Friday came and went and i had not heard from her. I decided to take matters into my own hands and submitted a promotional request myself, Providing the required proof images, a receipt(a screenshot of my my emailed receipt from Google store, with included IMEI number) and a picture of the box the phone shipped in(with IMEI number). Of course always worrying as i do, i proceeded to check my rebate status every day, as you can imaging it had not moved in, as of yesterday 11/15/2017, was still at received, but had not gone any further. Understanding that it took 8 weeks to process this(while late bills process much faster i would assume) i checked like i normally would today, and was greeted with a "Sorry we are unable to process your request, please try again" When providing both my phone number and area code, and my tracking number. As you can imagine this is not what i expected to see on a Thursday night on lunch break at work! I am wondering if someone with info about this issue can contact me because i have talked to many people threw your call center options, and nothing has been done except telling me to resubmit the information, every time that happens its another 8 weeks to wait, its getting a bit ridiculous at this point

    In short all i want is to figure out what can be done so that i can get this rebate card, and have my problem fixed, i have everything that was asked of me and now its become a real PIA.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Pixel 2 XL Promotion Redemption Issues.

        Hey damnitdave,


        I am very sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time getting your Pixel promotion! It sounds like you have done everything that you would have needed to do to get this promotion. At this point, I believe the best course of action is for you to speak directly with our rebate care department so that they can look up your submission and ensure that the process is going smoothly.


        If you have a moment, you can reach a live agent in our rebate care team by calling 1-877-311-8853 and following the below prompts.


        Press 1 for English.

        Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

        Press 2 for General Instructions

        Press 1 for Additional Assistance.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Pixel 2 XL Promotion Redemption Issues.

          Hiya Dave!


          I'm sorry that the promo page went MIA on you, and that there was such a rocky start getting your account activated with the correct information. I just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to reach out to the promo team using the info that Chris provided above. We don't want to see you miss out!


          - Marissa

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Pixel 2 XL Promotion Redemption Issues.

            Happy Tuesday! We just wanted to touch base here again and see how things were going for you. Hopefully our promo team was able to get things squared away! Please let us know if there are any updates to this!


            - Marissa