My husband is the account holder, I am only an authorized user. I made a phone call to Tmobile after receiving my bill via text for $339.71, which is way over the $223.56 we pay every month. Before I called Tmobile I looked up activity on my account, at which time I noticed there was a line that we had no recollection of. The line said it was linked to an iPhone 6s plus. When talking to your employee, she couldn't see the iphone 6. After giving her the line number she was able to see the line which had activity on it but didn't see any device but that it was linked to fraud. Did you get that? Because I sure didn't! After I told her that wasn't a number we authorized she said she was going to cancel to give her a minute and put me on hold. Then she came back on the line and said I had to be an account holder to cancel the lines. Which I didn't understand. She was following through but then all of a sudden changed her mind, but okay whatever. So my husband calls and has trouble getting into the account because he doesn't know the password but he does have his social. Which I am also having trouble understanding. Everytime I call it's either I give a password OR social. Well he gets through and lines are cancelled. My question is how was a person able to get into my account and authorize a line but when we try to get into our account it takes all these precautions? Why were we not explained how and why this happen? I

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        Re: Fraud

        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community ashleyrdz. You definitely did right by contacting us the moment you saw that your bill was higher than normal. If you and your husband did not authorize this line to be added to your account and there was usage on it, we have a specific process for addressing this kind of fraudulent activity. We are going to need to access your account so that we can gather the information needed to escalated this to our fraud team so if you have a moment, please contact us again and let the agent you speak with know they should pull up the internal document DOC-417576#steps2. This will have all the information they need to get the process started.


        As for why or how this happened, this is going to take some further investigation into your account which our fraud team will do. The way the process works is that you will contact us again and the rep you speak with will escalate the issue to the fraud team. The fraud team will investigate what happened and if the activity was indeed fraudulent, the charges would be adjusted and the agent you spoke with will follow up with you within 3 business days to inform you of the results of the fraud investigation.