Who to talk to about login problems at my.t-mobile.com?


    I've occasionally had problems logging in to my.t-mobile.com, where it claims I'm entering the wrong password. I use a password manager, so I'm not entering the password manually, and I'm using the same password which worked the last time I logged on.


    I'll eventually give up trying to log in that way, hit the "I forgot my password" button, get to the screen for changing my password and try to change it to the password that's saved in the password manager, only to be told that I can't "change" my password to the password I'm already using.


    So, the "change password" mechanism has no trouble recognizing my password as being correct, but the login mechanism can't.


    This has happened more than once.


    So, who do I talk to? I really don't want to try to explain this to a CSR over the phone.

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