How long to unfreeze credit?


    I unsuccessfully spent an hour and half in the T-Mobile store today attempting to switch from Verizon. After paying to unfreeze my credit with transunion for 24 hours at the direction of a customer care representative, a supervisor with customer care told me that they do not know which credit bureaus I should unfreeze but that transunion did not work. I just learned online that T-Mobile previously used transunion but now uses all three credit bureaus. I am unable to unfreeze my credit for very long because my SSN, address, and more was recently compromised. I was told in store that 24 hours would be long enough even though the application takes 72 hours, however I am not confident that they are correct.


    Can someone verify that 24 hours will be long enough to run the credit check before I waste more money unfreezing it?


    Thank you

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