Cannot access Transunion Report after Cancelling Credit Freeze


    Hey all,


    So I have been into our local T-Mobile store 3 times in order to start new service. My mom and I want to switch from Sprint and have never been T-Mobile customers before. But my mom put a credit freeze on all 3 of the credit bureaus due to the Equifax nonsense.


    We have since deleted the Transunion credit freeze as of November 7 and T-Mobile is still telling us that there is a freeze on the report; and they want an unlock code. It's been way past the 72 hours that T-Mobile wanted in order for Transunion and T-Mobile to talk to each other (today is Nov. 14). We have even given them the 6 digit pin that was set up with the Transunion credit freeze (we did the freeze online and were only required to input a 6 digit pin. So I don't know what the 15-digit pin is that everyone is talking about). How do we fix this?


    I would go with one of the pre-paid carriers (etc. MetroPCS, Straightalk), but my Iphone doesn't work on some of them. And T-Mobile has the best price for a 55+ plan.

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