Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars


    so I have all of the confirmations , applied for my rebate card . Bought a phone from t-mobile sales guy at the store blah blah blah been 8

    weeks still no rebate card . I never received my three 50 dollar bill credits for signing people up months ago . I have called customer service multiple times to get no where , I have chat conversations bigger than the universe and still have got no information. This is the worst customer service I have received , and everytime I want to make a call I have to go stand outside in the freezing cold just to get service . I’ve about had it with this joke of a company . Maybe now and this is a long shot I will get a csr manager to give me answers , and expedite my money and credits that is owed to me . Next step will be the BBB complaint .

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      • nelfar212

        Re: Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars

        What promo did you take advantage of?

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars

          Hey wtrainor23,


          I am terribly sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time getting your rebates! We want to make the process as easy as possible to reward you for your recommendations as well as switching to us. I know you said that you have chat conversations with us but the best avenue for any kind of rebate support is going to be our dedicated rebate care team. You can reach a live agent by following these steps.



          1. Press 1 for English.
          2. Press 2 for Terms & Conditions
          3. Press 2 for General Instructions
          4. Press 1 for Additional Assistance.


          As for your calling issue, stepping outside just to get a signal is the last thing we want you to have to do. Is the issue that you are unable to get signal while inside your home only? What kind of phone do you have and what is your ZIP code? Do you have high-speed internet in your home? If so, do you have a wireless network?

            • wtrainor23

              Re: Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars

              Is hard to get signal anywhere really , even hard inside . I miss 75% of my calls and get a text saying I have a voicemail but didn’t get a call . I have an iPhone 7 Plus 256gig that I never had any issue with until I switched from the reliable service I had with Verizon .  My teenage sister has straight talk and gets better reception than I do . Zip code is 16509 , Erie Pennsylvania . Yes I do have high speed internet at home the fastest service provided in my area and thank god for that as even with the one plus speeds from my phone I don’t get internet inside anywhere without my WiFi connected . As far as my rebates go I spent yet about 4 more hours on this today it’s amazing how crappy everything has been with this provider .


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                • tmo_chris

                  Re: Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars

                  Thanks for the info wtrainor23, what happened with the rebate team when you last called them? 4 hours is quite a long time to have to spend on the phone and I hope that there was some good news!


                  As for the coverage issue, there are some areas within that ZIP code that indoor coverage may be limited but the coverage in Erie is actually pretty awesome! Since you are mostly having issues while indoors and you do have high-speed Wi-Fi in your home, you can actually connect your phone to your home W-Fi not only for internet but also for calling and texting with our Wi-Fi calling service. There is no charge to use this service and it will make your indoor coverage much better. You can find the steps to turn it on for your phone here.

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                  • tmo_amanda

                    Re: Switch 2 t-mobile Scammed me 500 dollars

                    Hi, wtrainor23!


                    I'm just swinging by to see if any progress has been made when you spoke with our Rebate Care team on Tuesday. I have my fingers crossed for good news! Also, did you have an opportunity to try the steps that Chris posted regarding WiFi Calling on your iPhone? If so, do you see any improvement?