No plan for me


    Just signed up with T-Mobile and not really happy about it.


    Apparently T-Mobile is just like all the other carriers and doesn't want to offer a plan for people like me.


    I don't need or want that much data so I signed up for one of the prepaid plans. Apparently that excludes me from any of the trade-in upgrade deals though, so I won't be buying an iPhone X from you. Why would you limit this deal to only people who want unlimited data?


    And as a young person without a family, I don't see why I should have to pay $75 / line when others are paying $40 / line.


    If I changed to your unlimited plan to get the iPhone X deal it would save me $200 extra with my $100 trade-in, but it would cost me an extra $600 of unnecessary service over two years.


    I guess you really don't want my money, so fine - I'll just stick with the bare minimum.

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      • barcodeable

        Re: No plan for me

        I'm guessing T-Mobile will pull out many awesome Black Friday deals very soon. Last year deals were over the top GOOD from free phones and tablets to free 2 lines added to your account. There were many exclusions where you had to already have at least  2 voice lines on your account to get the free lines, but there was something for everyone to enjoy. Perhaps there may be a trade-in introduced in the coming weeks that would be right up your alley .






        • snn555

          Re: No plan for me

          Simply put the more customers T-Mobile has on higher rate plans the more money is made to absorb the cost of these expensive promotions. One person is not bringing in the same amount as four lines would even with discounted rates. Plus with postpaid plans there's a credit check whereas with Prepaid there is not. When you speak about a $1,000 phone having a good credit history is one of the top priorities for a company.

            • magenta3204953

              Re: No plan for me

              If there were a postpaid plan that did not cost me $25 extra per month of unnecessary service, I would happily choose it. I have excellent credit and would take a credit check to get the phone deal.


              But as it stands there is nothing about this "deal" that is actually a "deal". It would cost me an extra $600 to save $200. And I'm sure that a lot of the people out there paying for unlimited don't need it anyways so they're getting ripped off too.

                • snn555

                  Re: No plan for me

                  Yes it would be nice for a lower-priced plan for unlimited only however to stay competitive in the unlimited Marketplace there are other perks included albeit at extra charge built into the plan such as International talk text and data as well as T-Mobile Tuesdays caller ID visual voicemail and some other things like that. However like you say to save money on the deal you have to pay money just the same as you'd have to pay more money to get the deal on prepaid just the same that people pay more on postpaid.


                  It should also be noted that prepaid doesn't have the same roaming capabilities as postpaid and even though there is wide network coverage all carriers use roaming agreements with other providers and Tower operators for which there are fees and costs associated with partnerships such as that.

              • magenta9020

                Re: No plan for me

                I absolutely hate it. I definitely understand where you are coming from. I just want 6GB. Thats all. I wish they would come back with tiered data options and not force customers into this unlimited One thing. I dont want to pay $75 for data i won't use. And i don't want prepaid because I don't get the perks of phones. I have been with Tmobile for so many years. I am surely ready to walk away next month to save money on my bill AND get the phone I want without being strong armed into unlimited. Cellular plans should not be monopolized. We should have options