denial of warranty exchange process and supervisor in retension hung up on me


    after 14yrs as a loyal customer i was treated horrible  today.  After 2hrs on the  phone  and 10 customer  representatives later i was hung up on by the  manager of Shar operator id#283480, unprofessional and rude.  It srarted 2 weeks ago my mother's  phone went blank. She  is elderly and disable, so a phone is crucial.  i went into the store and  was directed to call tmobile and request a replacement.  Following  directives  i did just  that.   I was told  that the exchange can only be done in store.  i explained that  its my mom's phone  and she is not  capable  of that.   I however works long shifts  and cannot make it to the store  unless  i take a sick days from work which i have to prove with  a doctor's  visit. They stated its the policy that  exchange has to be done via store to help trouble shoot however that is not  in the policy, it states how to return  a product in exchange from home  but nothing  about  in store only.  The rude manager stated that my mother is authorized on my account and all tho she is disable  im not so i should do it.  I told them that its unfair that  the store reps failed to do their job by noy properly informing  me of the steps  and inconveniencing  me, now i need to risk my job to get a phone meanwhile my ill mom is without a phone for 2weeks. He hung up on me.  I am sadden that  after all these  years  tmobile will do this to me.  I have  done everything  the right  way and  when the  representatives  fail to do their jobs its the customer  who suffers.  A supervisor being rude and  disrespectful  is the ultimate slap in the  face.  At this point  im seeking another  conpany for i should never be treated this way by anyone.

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