Ringless Voicemail


    I am hoping T-Mobile can/will adjust their software somehow to prevent this globally.  There is recent technology that allows companies to access your voicemail box without creating a ring/call to your phone.  This technology, popular with telemarketers and debt collectors, circumvents the "do not call" legislation - their position being if your phone doesn't ring, they didn't call you.


    I keep receiving a voicemail from one of these - looking for someone who is not me (a prior user of my number or they got my number by mistake).  I have informed them I am not the person they are looking for and have blocked their number on my phone.  The number shows up in my call log even though my phone doesn't ring. Unfortunately, the call and message blocking features do not work for this type of action.


    I do not want to receive these VM messages and do not want, or shouldn't need to, download some 3rd party software to try to reject this.


    This is destined to become a huge annoyance to many users on this and other networks as more businesses explore and adopt this technology.  To protect their customers, T-Mobile should provide a security patch to their voicemail systems to prevent this type of "hacking".

    I look forward to a response and input from other users.  Thanks.


    For reference, I have provided a link below to the FCC petition seeking to bypass the "do not call" legislation.  Unfortunately, this is already in use and the FCC has little data about any action to prevent it.


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