TMobile CellSpot conflicting with ports needed for L2TP




    I have a fairly standard setup for my router I think with others using TMobile Cell Spot

    [Cell Spot] < - > [Switch] < - > [Router]

    My router port forwards 123, 500, and 4500 as described in 4G LTE CellSpot status lights & ports  and everything works great.


    Recently I tried to enable L2TP on my router for incoming VPN purposes. This looks straightforward, as you just enable the feature. As soon as I did, many things stopped working because L2TP requires ports 500, and 4500.


    My question is if there is any ability to change the ports required for forwarding to the Cell Spot?

    Another alternative I'm researching, would it be possible to obtain the source IP address range for cell spot connectivity?




    Crosslink to the same question from Ubiquiti: Unifi L2TP conflicting with TMobile CellSpot - Ubiquiti Networks Community

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