Hey everyone!


    So my family and I are fed up with sprint here in NYC. All my friends have t-mobile and say that it is fantastic coverage here. We really wanted to bring our phones over but supposedly this may be an issue. This will make or break us switching as that my father is not interested in purchasing a bunch of new phones (and my mother and sister want to keep their phones anyway if you can believe that). I really would love some help!


    So the phones are as follows: Sister has a iphone 5s (i know... i know... but she refuses to give it up), mom has iphone 6s, dad has 6, i have a galaxy s7 edge. All are unlocked


    I went to a store yesterday and had a discussion with a rep. We tried to put in a sim card into my unlocked s7 edge but it would not work. My belief is that he entered the information wrong or something because it picked it up for a second and then stopped. When i tried to re-enter the settings myself and used my father-in-law's t-mobile sim card it picked up LTE but would not make phone calls. I could surf the net (and saw much faster service) but no calls sent or received. What is going on? I read online that I need to activate some bands or something... or some places said I am SOL and will never get LTE.


    What can I do here guys? I know there is going to be a thanksgiving promotion where my mom and dad can give up their 6s and 6 to get the 7, but my sister is sort of stuck. I will begrudgingly try to IB a new phone from apple if I have to (i really hate sprint and how bad they screwed my family over), but i would really like to stick with my phone for another year till I am out of school and earning money.


    I would be very thankful for any help! We literally wanted to switch today but I put a halt to it due to these issues!


    For the TLDR people!

    Switching a 5s, 6, 6s, and galaxy s7 edge from sprint to t-mobile issues! Help!




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      • tmo_marissa


        Hey, jeffe86, and welcome!
        We'd love to have you guys switch over and join Team Magenta; but we're not able to guarantee the functionality of non T-Mobile devices. It sounds like you did some testing, which is SUPER smart, but saw less than stellar results, and that worries me a bit. When you placed your Father-in-Law's SIM into your phone and saw that awesome uptick in speed (hooray!) but couldn't place calls (boo!), did you also input the BYOD T-Mobile data & APN settings?

        • stevetjr

          Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

          If you look on a lot of sites like Gazelle and etc you will see in some cases Sprint phones are worth less and that is because in a lot of cases they will only work or mostly work on Sprint's network.  Sprint and Verizon both use a technology for 3G and below called CDMA which other than I believe 1 carrier in Japan no other carriers in the world use that technology.  Until recently most phones for the US were made in 2 variants which were the Sprint/Verizon and the TMO/AT&T with slight modifications for each carrier.  Even now the iPhone 8 and X have two variants because Apple is in legal war with Qualcomm their other radio manufacturer Intel doesn't have a radio that is capable of CDMA so it can't be used for Sprint/Verizon so they get a Qualcomm radio which then has to be tuned down because the Intel radio in the TMO/ATT version is slower and Apple doesn't want one variant going faster than the other.  With that being said, for non Apple phones Qualcomm is making just one radio that is capable of most all used bands and then just enables them with software depending on the need of the carrier and that is why Samsung phones on the 8 series and higher now don't have a -T (for TMO), -S (for Sprint) like they used to they just have -U (for US) and then just use a marketing code to distinguish which carrier software version is on the phone and thus which frequencies are available on the device. But the S7 while it has a very capable Qualcomm radio it's not their latest so it can't even be rooted and flashed with new radio software as the radio is different for the -S model than it is for the -T model.  Not to mention without TMO branded phones you won't have access to Band 12 (extended LTE) which also makes in building coverage significantly better since only TMO phones had that band available.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

            We really want you to make the switch so we'd like to make sure you have all the info you need and set clear expectations before you do it. Did you still need help at all? Please give us a reply back and let us know how things are going.

            • nasenbaernase

              Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

              I had the exact same issue when I got my sim card a few days ago. The problem with the inability to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls is that Sprint said they unlocked the phone, but only unlocked one or two layers. There is another level of lock on the phone that they need to unlock to allow incoming our outgoing calls. My phone is working now mostly, except Wi-Fi calling - a very important feature for me, because at work, I have almost no phone connection anywhere and hence rely on Wi-Fi calling. I would not be surprised if the phone has yet another level of lock that has been implemented by Sprint... Never ever Sprint again! This is incredible!!

                • dragon1562

                  Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

                  Wi-Fi calling is a carrier specific feature. It would require you to have the T-mobile firmware on the device for it to work. However, this will never happen unless you broke the warranty and flashed it on itself and even then it would still not act like a T-mobile phone due to hardware limitations. What I suggest that you do is take advantage of T-mobile digits. This will allow you to place calls over wifi like wifi calling would have, it just won't be through the native messenger and dialer.

                    • magenta4197388

                      Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

                      What hardware limitations? As of the Galaxy S7, there are no brand variations in hardware.

                        • dragon1562

                          Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

                          I'm sorry when I wrote that I made a slight mistake not sure what I was thinking.  Regardless though you would need to flash the T-mobile firmware on to the device in order for it to work correctly. The hardware is the same but the frequencies that are needed are being turned off per Sprint in this case.

                            • magenta4197388

                              Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

                              Possibly so, but so far I seem to have decent data speeds and good

                              reception. I'm in a metal building that typically has very poor reception

                              unless you are near a window. Today I was walking all over the building

                              with 4 to 5 bars. I do plan to flash mine to T-Mobile's firmware but so far

                              I'm way better off than I was with "Sprent".


                              If he can trade up to at least an S7, he should be good. I just ported in my S7 and S7 edge yesterday. My wife and I had no data even after entering the new APN settings. When I called support, the agent had me to NOT delete the profile I had made. Instead he had me create a new one with the parameters he gave me. They proved to be identical, which he said that he was aware of. He had me save the 2nd profile and then make sure the radio button for the 2nd profile was highlighted. Next he had me go to GENERAL MANAGEMENT>RESET>RESET NETWORK SETTINGS. After rebooting, I had LTE data. I called my wife at work and talked her through the same procedure. The only hiccup was that her S7 Edge, as opposed to my S7 highlighted the wrong profile. The guy told me that he isn't sure why it works, but it works. He was right, it worked for both of our phones.

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                      • dragon1562

                        Re: SPRINT TO T-MOBILE HELP!!!!

                        I would look into the next big promotion that they do in order to have a successful switch over. I can also say that in my experience T-mobile is one of the best in NYC.