Why is the customer service so HORRIBLE?


    1 .  Message Us -- Chat option SUCKS, Reps drop off without saying anything.  You don't get a clear answer

    2.   Rebate Status has no straight forward or clear way to find out where you rebate is

    3.   Had to go to FB for answers instead of just getting it resolved on this site.


    I regret switching to this carrier

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      • tmo_chris

        My goodness! I am very sorry to hear that you have been having such a rough time! What specific issues are you having with your rebate? We would love to help you!

        • dragon1562

          Sorry to hear that you have had troubles. I just want to provide some info to make things easier for you in the future. If you need assistance with account specific things like a rebate you will need to call in or reach out to the T-force team on Facebook/Twitter. If you just need information on something then this site is where you would want to be. These forums generally are made up of fellow customers who like to try and help and share their knowledge on particular issues. There are a few admin that regulate the forums but they lack the tools needed to do account corrections generally speaking.


          Hope this info helps in the future and if you need help accomplishing a goal I definitely recommend reaching out since I'm sure me or many others would love to help you however they can to avoid headaches like the one you faced.

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          • nelfar212

            I'm going to Echo Dragon1562, 99.99999% TMO reps get it right, and the chance they don't for a "LEGIT" issue they make it right 100% of the time. TMO rapidly changes rate plans and promos in a super competitive market that provide us with "value" and allows the company to grow,

            My advice going forward all of the promos, and rebates information can be found online, take a moment to read the requirements of the promo, if you have any questions reach out to T-force on twitter/FB or call 611,   I'm my time I've used "voice-stream, Sprint PCS, AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile" Cingular had very good CSR's however T-Mobile folks are the best in the business hands down. I've been with the since 2007, you couldn't pay me to switch. We want to help, so If you provide us with the details so can point you in the direction and get your resolved quickly.

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              • magenta3163046

                Thank you for your reply. It has nothing to do with rebate qualification but rather the lack of customer support everytime i use your messgae us option the rep cannot give me straight answer on the status of my rebate.  i will be directed to call this number or go to this website switch2 tmobile half the time doesn’t work so i end up calling a t mobile then i will be put on hold. What a complete waste of time of customers. 

                Do you know where i found some answers? on facebook which i had to chat with 3-4 people explaining my isssues over and over again.

                  • nelfar212

                    Re: Why is the customer service so HORRIBLE?

                    Just so you are aware I don't work for TMO. I'm a customer Like you, an as stated in my previous post I've been with TMO since 2007.In  that time, I like many others have become well versed in TMO internal practices.  I like you took advantage of a rebate offer BOGO Note 8, and part of the terms stipulate  the rebate can take upto 8 weeks  from submission. So how long has it been since you submitted your rebate? Also the rebate process has gotten easier over the years, my last rebate; was well over 3 years ago an was done on a paper form that had to be sent via U.S Mail, defiantly an improvement to submit the process online. I understand you frustration, I'll say this the CSR is giving you information that he/she has available to them, if the system has the requested information they will give it to you. so If it has been less than 8 weeks; my advice give them some time, if rebate isn't/hasn't been received by the end of the 8 weeks, then start calling.  

                    • tmo_chris

                      Thanks for getting back with us and for the clarification! The rebate support team (the number that you were given) as well as the swith2T-Mobile site are going to be the best avenues for questions regarding your rebate and I am very sorry that you were having trouble getting assistance. I am however glad to hear that you were able to get the answers you needed with our T-Force team on Facebook. 

                  • lied2

                    Re: Why is the customer service so HORRIBLE?

                    Yeah I just got hosed by Tmobile too. I transferred 7 lines and 2 watches from Att. I paid off all my phones except 1 out of my pocket. The sales rep told me that Tmobile would pay off my device but I had to trade it in towards a new phone. I asked them specifically how that worked. She told me that they would pay off my existing phone and would also give me a trade in credit towards a new phone. So I traded in my iphone 8 plus for a cheaper phone (7plus) and would get 450.00 towards the new phone. So when I was trying to get reimbursed after several weeks of calling tmobile back and forth I finally got to the person who then tells me that now I will be getting 150.00 in a visa card to pay off my 600.00 balance at ATT. I was livid!!!!! Why would I pay off a 600.00 phone and trade it in on a cheaper phone to end up owing more? They scammed me out of my 8 plus and tell me they cant give it back and that there is nothing they can do......but they then say "hey at least you will have a bill credit of $450 and we will send you a visa card for $150" But you now owe us $749.00 for a iphone 7 plus......I'm like what???!!!! you have to be kidding me.....I want to go back to ATT!!!!!!!!   Tmobile lies!!!

                      • gue

                        Re: Why is the customer service so HORRIBLE?

                        I hear you. Customer Service at the store is good, and when I signed up with T-Mobile I was getting the service I needed.... NOT ANYMORE! Just had an aweful experience... website didn't work, tmobile app didn't work, CHAT is useless, was bounced around from customer service dept to dept... no one speaks clear English anymore.  All I wanted to do was update my credit card info for autopay... it took over 1 hour and it still wasn't done! I was so frustrated I just hung up on them. Very inefficient customer service dept now.... I'm getting another carrier asap.