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    I purchased a iPhone 7 from T-Mobile for $650 on September 3rd. Within 2 weeks the price dropped $100 when the Iphone 8 was announce. I have read online on a forum that I would be given the $100 change as bill credi. When I called customer service they said they were not aware of this. They asked me to show where I have read this and when I showed them the forum the representative said they could not honor it As it is not on C2. I know bestbuy and Macys honor this to their buyers if their product price drops within 30 days they give you a refund or store credit. So does T-Mobile do the same as many companies out there do? I’m not asking for a refund, a bill credit will do. I also work for T-Mobile as a dealer.

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      • dragon1562

        Re: Device Price Drop Reimbursement

        I'm personally am not aware of T-mobile doing anything like this which I know is a bummer to hear. I would try calling in again and seeing if you can get someone that is more willing to work with you and explain the situation but no promises.

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        • snn555

          Re: Device Price Drop Reimbursement

          Can you elaborate as to what sort of T-Mobile dealer you are? And if so do you not have any Internal Documentation on TMobile policy and how you as a dealer are affected personally or the customers who purchase from you?

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: Device Price Drop Reimbursement

            Hey, arifrahman!


            Welcome to our Support Community! Hmm, what thread are you referring to? I'd love to check it out. As far as getting a reimbursement, this would fall under the "price matching" policy in C2. This is generally done through Telesales and employees are eligible for price matching. The issue you're going to run into at this point is time. Since your order was placed two months ago, a price match will likely not be honored. However, as a few of our pillars mentioned, it doesn't hurt to call back and try again. It's worth a shot to speak to Telesales.