Google Dialer and Digits


    Obviously I know this isn't "Supported" but I work in telecom and I'm quite familiar with this subject.

    I assume that the basic functionality of DIGITS is based around SIP.

    The Google Dialer supports adding a SIP line to your device.

    Would someone in the engineering team @TMO be willing to provide me SIP credentials for my DIGITS line?

    I would much rather use a single integrated dialer, than Google Dialer and Digits App.

    I don't need all of the extra bells and whistles, just incoming calls and outgoing calls.

    I understand this would do nothing for texting and voicemail would still have to be accessed by the DIGITS app.


    Could we please give this a shot? I understand not supported, I understand its not something that many people would use, but it would be GREAT to have SIP credentials for my DIGITS line.


    Thanks in advance! 

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