Offered a deal that doesn't exist...nobody cares!



    I have been with T-Mobile since 2014. I have paid off 2 phones and an iPad in that time.  There is my loyalty. I am still waiting to see yours.


    Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have been struggling financially and called the "Care" center (I am in Arizona, so the toll free always routes me to the Albuquerque call center) to see how I could trim the fat from my bill. I had made the final payment on my phone and figured I was paying for things I don't really need anymore. I spoke with a young woman and she was able to find a couple bucks here and a couple of bucks there that we could shave. In all, the bill was going to decrease $35/mo by the equipment being paid and she found another $4 by lowering the insurance plan and removing one of the calling features (name caller ID I think).


    Then she says, "Did you know that you have one of our older plans and are qualified to add a 2nd line for free?  All you'd pay for is the new device, but you can finance that over time and we have some great deals on lots of phones."


    Now, mind you, I didn't call in to add anything, but "free" always gets one's attention. I currently have a young adult daughter who has moved back in and hasn't been working due to medical issues so her phone (with Verizon) is currently off.  I don't like her being without a way to call for help if she needs anything. I immediately thought of her for a free line and voiced that to the rep on the phone.  She assured me she could understand how I feel about my daughter being without a phone and it would be a great solution for her to be able to call me if she needs to. The decision for me then came down to the price of the device. The rep went over options with me and I chose the cheap LG Aristo because it would be only $7 per month for 18 months with no money down, and this would hopefully only be a temporary solution for my daughter until she can get her iPhone back up and going with Verizon, then would just be a standby burner phone if anything ever happens to my own.  The rep even sweetened the deal with a free SIM card and free shipping. She searched for a number that had the same area code and same last 4 digits as the number my kid has had for the past 12 years, because her own number obviously hasn't been released by Verizon.


    When all was said and done, my bill was going to be only $3 per higher because of the aforementioned $4 she had found I could remove to save.  When she recapped, she even used the term "two lines with unlimited talk and text".


    It was a Thursday (Nov 2 2017) so she set up a call back for the following Tuesday to help me install the SIM and activate the phone. However, the phone didn't ship until Monday and arrived on Wednesday (Nov 8 2017).  So, I called the same number, reached the same call center and tried to activate the phone. The first agent was horrible. It wouldn't recognize the SIM and this rocket scientist said it as activated in their system and set to my iPhone.  Um, I don't have an iPhone on my plan and since when do iPhones take SIM cards?  She kept interrupting me as I was asking questions, assuming she knew what I was about to ask and providing an answer that ultimately had nothing to do with what I was about to say. I asked her to please just be quiet and listen to what I am saying so she can give the right responses. In putting the SIM card in I asked which direction the corner that's cut off should be..toward the center of the phone or toward the edge.  She asked if I had taken the back off the phone.  Seriously?  OBVIOUSLY, i have!  Then she asked if I could see the gold piece, to which I replied, "No, it's all silver" and she responded, "Okay, so slide the card under the gold piece".  I seriously don't even think she realized she was on a call with a customer and was probably surfing the internet or texting her boyfriend while going through the motions of her job.


    I ended my call with her (it was going nowhere anyway) and told her if I have issues when the phone starts I will call back.  And of course, there was an issue so I had to call again.  The phone said the SIM was no valid. This new rep (now the 3rd if you are keeping score) tried to reset it and failed.  She advised I needed to make a trip to a TMobile store to have the card checked and get a new one at no cost if that was the issue, but if it was an issue with the phone I would have to return it and wait for another to be shipped.


    The young man at the store determined the SIM was fine, but had to do some sort of reset to the phone to get it to recognize. Then, that's when the bomb was dropped.  When I tried to call the number I was given, the message announced it was a restricted service and to call Customer Care. This phone was set up on a data only line! The young man at the stop was very nice, but told me my plan indeed does not support a 2nd talk line for free and that if he changed my plan so that I could have two phones with talk service, my monthly billing would nearly double!!! He suggested I call them back and make sure they didn't have some promo that he didn't know about.


    So, another call to Albuquerque.  This time it was a rep with an accent so heavy I could barely understand him.  I told him my story in a very agitated tone and all he did was reiterate he could make it a talk line, for the plan price increase of nearly $50 more per month. I demanded to speak to a supervisor.  Brainiac transferred me to the rebate center. *sigh* After explaining the reason for my call AGAIN only to be told the rebate center can do nothing, I was sent back to Albuquerque for the 4th rep. This young man listened and did his best, but ultimately said no plan exists that will give me 2 talk lines without price increase so I again asked for a supervisor.  I got one this time. He was a snarky and unhelpful. His solution was to cancel the 2nd line and return the new phone, as if that was him doing me a favor, when I already had 14 days to that anyway...unless that was also a lie the first agent told me. I told him a better solution, for a loyal customer who is very angry and has been frustrated repeatedly by his inept staff, would be to just honor what was offered. He said he couldn't do anything more than cancel/ keep my bill the same.  Anything else would be a plan change and increase.  He didn't even offer a discount to the plan increase. I told him I was about close my account and go back to Verizon so he maybe should transfer me to the loyalty department to see if they can save my account.  His reply..."I am the loyalty department".  Guess what, if that's true he sucks at his job because I fully intend to cancel my service!


    I cannot believe that after over 3 years of loyalty to you and thousands spent, it took me speaking to a total of 7 people, in 4 calls and a trip to a store to speak to 1 there, to end up wishing I never moved to your company and wanting to end service.  I have worked in a call center for the past 9 years and I can assure you, if I performed this badly at my job, I would be unemployed in a New York minute!


    Later, tater.  I'm out!



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      • tmo_chris

        Hello annoyedandout,


        I want to thank you for taking the time to post to our community. I am sorry that your first post here had to be about such an unpleasant experience You have definitely had to endure way more than you ever should have had to just trying to lower your bill.


        Please know that this is not a typical experience and we truly want to make this right. With the specific events that have unfolded with your account, we are going to have to take a closer look at your account to see what specifically happened and explore all the available options. I know you have already spoke with our care teams multiple times about this issue but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, I would recommend that our T-force team assist you with this as they will be able to pull up your account and do a complete investigation as to what happened here. I know you spent a lot of time typing out this comment and there is no need to have to re-explain your issue. If you use the links in my signature, you can send a private message to our T-Force team and include a link to this thread which they can review.

          • nelfar212

            In addition the 1st rep who set the account up should have notated the conversation you had with her,  As Chris stated reach out to the T-force team or call 611 again. I'm almost positive this issue can be resolved. In 10 years there hasn't been a single issue that couldn't. It may take a bit more time, bear with them. My experience for "legit" issues the TMO team always makes it right. It's why I've stayed so long. Please keep us updated as the final outcome.

              • annoyedandout

                Thank you, but I did what Chris advised and contacted T-Force via FB messenger.  After lots of pretty buzz words and phrases about how "sorry" they were to learn about my experience and how its "definitely not the way TMobile does business" so they will do "everything they can" to fix it, they eventually looped right back around to the exact same solution that will nearly double my bill to achieve what was voluntarily offered to me for free. Everyone seems to think that because the "T-Mobile ONE plan" they keep offering is an old plan that's no longer offered, they act like they are doing me some sort of favor, completely overlooking that their representative OFFERED me a 2nd UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT line for FREE.


                I have worked in customer service for a very long time and if a customer of ours had this happen to them, we would find a way to at least come CLOSE to what was offered even if we'd have to trick our system to do it. TMobile has to have a method of comp'ing items and making this phone a talk line without an increase to my bill. I would have accepted a one year only credit toward the increase, or even just 6 months of a courtesy credit toward it so I could at least get SOME of what was offered to me and my daughter could have a phone. I realize I would still be stuck paying for the phone for 18 months, but at the end of the term she would hopefully be back to work and we could pay the increase.


                So such creativity in going above and beyond to keep a customer exists.  After days of my valuable time wasted the options remain:

                1) Pay no less than a $40 per month increase on the monthly bill for what was offered to you for free when you didn't even ask for the service.

                2) Return the phone, cancel the data only line (already done) and forget the whole thing ever happened

                3) Cancel all services and find a carrier who cares more about making good on what agents say to customers.

                In my opinion, #3 is looking best for me.