C/S issue on Samsung pay rewards promotion




    I am using t-mobile for 4 years and just purchased two Samsung Note 8 on 11/2 thru online because of Samsung pay rewards.

    The phones were delivered on 11/8 at night and tried to upload my receipt on the Samsung pay app.

    On 11/9 in the morning, I checked email it was failed and uploaded different receipts but it was denied again.

    I contacted T mobile customer center to get a solution and had answers either bring my receipt to t-mobile retail store or contact t-mobile promotion care department.

    At first, I went t-mobile retail store, and one of sales rep tried to upload my receipt again but it did not work.

    I got Samsung customer care center phone number and email address, so I sent email first and kept calling Samsung C/S number.

    I tried more than five times but there's no answers at all. I also tried to call t-mobile promotion care dept.

    They gave me same email address and phone number for the Samsung, and they told that is only number they can contact.

    I tried every where on the T-mobile customer depts but had same answers to contact Samsung C/S number which has nobody take calls. 

    I know Samsung Customer Center could handle this issue for the final destination but they don't take phones at all. 

    If T-mobile make advertisements to lead customers buy a certain brand, T-mobile has to make better solution for this kind issue and need to take some responsibilities.

    Now, I am still holding the phone with Samsung C/S phone machine "Thank you for your patience" for more than 30 minutes after transferring from T-mobile promotion care center.   

    Is there anyone to help me out for this issue?


    Thank  you for reading.

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      • tidbits

        Re: C/S issue on Samsung pay rewards promotion

        THese are all Samsung promotions.  T-Mobile has nothing to do with it and that's why you are having trouble.  Contact Samsung CS and see how they can fix the issue for you. Don't expect T-Mobile to be held liable for advertising for something they have no control over.  We could be suing cable providers on the same premise, but we can't.  Have you tried contacting Samsung directly from their website?

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        • tmo_marissa

          Yikes, I'm sorry that you're having such a tough time signing up for this promotion! It sounds like you're doing the right things -- you made your purchases within the eligibility window and are completing the upload in the Samsung Pay App. It sounds like you're bumping into trouble with the submissions; and we could have done a better job of directing you to the right source for assistance with this.

          Since this promotion is offered and redeemed by Samsung, to get help with issues you'd want to reach out one of the following ways:
          - contact Samsung via the Samsung Pay app for any issue with redemption or payout (recommended first step)

          - contact 1-866-469-7392

          - email  customercare@helloworldfulfillment.com.

          If these are the options we've already provided, then I'm sorry to say that the only other suggestion I can offer is to reach out to Samsung via their general support number - 1-800-SAMSUNG - to see if there's an alternative they can offer.

          I can definitely appreciate the desire to turn to your service provider for assistance with this, and we can forward that feedback for sure. When we're running a promotion ourselves please know we are happy to offer our own promo team as a resource for help -- I hope that one of these options works out for you!