I can't send text messages using my DIGITS number on my Note8


    I just signed up and added a DIGITS talk and text line to my Note8 and I can't send text messages from my DIGITS number. When I try to send a text message a red exclamation point shows up and it says "sending failed" when I click on it.

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      • tmo_evan

        Sorry that you are having issues.  Hopefully we can get you all taken care of.


        Some questions to help troubleshoot:

        1) Are you using the built-in functionality?  E.g. did you unlock the DIGITS functionality and then setup the lines in settings > accounts > multi-line settings?

        2) If you did, then when you look at the DIGITS line you are trying to use, does it say "Ready to Use" or does it say something else?

        3) If you're using the app instead (I'd recommend using the native functionality...) though you can check to see if the line shows as available there if that's what you're using


        Getting those out of the way and assuming that the line is in the "ready to use" state...

        A) What kind of network were you on?

        - If it was WiFi is WiFi calling enabled?  If so are you able to send messages from the native line?

        - If it was cellular what was the cellular indicator showing?  4G LTE, 2G, something else?


        B) Are you able to send any messages or is it just this one particular message or messages when you're in one particular place


        Finally are you on the latest software update for the Note 8.  If not, can you update and try again?


        Once we get all these preliminaries out of the way and if you're still having issues, we'll get some more detailed info if needed.




        • tmo_amanda

          Happy Saturday, magenta3150255!


          Welcome to our Support Community! tmo_evan could be considered the brains of DIGITS and has provided some helpful information with regard to SMS on your Note8. Please take a look at his reply and the questions he has asked so we can get to the bottom of this.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hey magenta3150255  and thanks for posting. Just wanna see if you had the chance to read Evan's post. Please let us know if you have more questions or need more help.