Still Cannot SMS via Cellular on Apple Watch Series 3


    It's been two months since the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular had been launched and I still can't SMS to someone who's not using iMessages. I don't have any problems with calls or text messaging (iMessages) while the watch is on cellular. However, I cannot text to someone using SMS over cellular. If the watch is near the phone and either the Bluetooth or WiFi kicks in on the watch, then the message goes through. But, if the watch is using cellular, the SMS doesn't go through, nor can I receive any SMS messages. Shouldn't this problem have been taken care of by now.

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      • magenta3188097

        Magenta2712943, speaking as a fellow magenta, go to Apple. They have an excellent Genius Bar fully equipped with the most competent and helpful employees. Us magentas often struggle with the duties and responsibilities of the vibrant color. But thats what makes us special. Also, call customer service. I hear they charge only a handy dandy lil' old service fee. And in the great scheme of the magenta world, that is a small price to pay.


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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there, magenta2712943. I checked our known issues and it does look like a fix is in the works for this:

          Can't send text messages when only connected to cellular

          • We're aware of this experience and are working with Apple on a fix.
          • Please make sure your iPhone is on, has signal, and is connected to your Watch so your messages will send.

          I know this is taking a bit, and we're super sorry for the inconvenience, but I wanted to make sure that you're aware that it's not just a set-u[p issue. I hope that it will be ironed out soon so you can take full advantage of your Series 3!