Misled (lied to) at Tmobile Store


    I realize the quality of service can differ from store to store. However, I would not expect a store to actively mislead me. I went to the Tmobile corporate store in Columbia, MD and attempted to sign up for Jump on Demand (for the LG V30). Two employees told me that the program had been discontinued and was discontinued two months ago. I told them that could not be the case, as I signed up for it less than two months ago. Still they were adamant. needless to say, when I left the store, I was able to sign up for the plan. Has anyone had a similar experience? Is there any reason a store would not want to sell a phone on this plan?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Misled (lied to) at Tmobile Store

        Hey maxjersey,


        I sincerely apologize for any confusion here. The JOD program is still very much alive and the only recent change we mad to the program was back on 8/10 where we included some low cost Smartpicks devices.


        With JOD, the option to initiate a lease is not always going to be available at every T-Mobile store. You can however always initiate a new JOD lease over the phone with our sales team, or our regular care teams. If you prefer to initiate a lease at a T-Mobile store, to save yourself a trip, we would recommend that you contact the local store first to see if they are one of our Retail/Branded stores that are able to initiate the JOD leases.