Calls and texts do not populate with contact information from my contacts list


    Is there a way to have Digits ignore phone number text after 'x'?  If not, could I please make that friendly suggestion for a future version?


    My contacts originate from Microsoft Outlook (my phone syncs with Office 365 / Exchange).  When you enter a phone number in Outlook, anything that you put after an 'x' is supposed to be ignored by dialers and SMS programs. For example, I may have the entry in a phone number field "(714) 555-1212 x Best to call after 6 PM".  The problem is that Digits caller ID logic tries to match the whole phone number string instead of just the characters before the 'x'.  It would be great if users could turn on a setting that instructed Digits to ignore text after the 'x'.  It should be smart enough to know that "1.714.555.1212 x Best to call after 6 PM" is also the same phone number, since some phone numbers in our Contacts list have a 1 in front of them.


    Thanks for such an awesome app.  I hope that this information can help make it even better.  Outlook/Exchange is widely used for contact management, so I feel that other users would benefit from Digits parsing the phone number fields correctly.  At the very least, you should make this an advanced setting that users like me can turn on to ignore all text and numbers after an 'x' in the phone number field. Currently, I'll receive texts from phone number that are in my Contact list, but since Digits is trying to match the whole phone number field instead of the first 10 or 11 digits, it's not finding the match.

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