Going on 10th replacement......


    Since I have had my account, I had to do a warranty exchange for my device almost 10 different times for the SAME ISSUE! The G5's hardware is horrible...not only do I do EVERYTHING I AM ASKED and I am never rude or overbearing but it is frustrating as a customer to have to go through this with no help whatsoever. Currently, the battery portion of the phone will not close so there would be times where my phone is off and I have no clue until I pick it up. This is suppose to be a BRAND NEW DEVICE. After seeing that I have been back to the store 3 times in one week for this issue, the store rep told me she would hand it off to the store manager in Conyers, GA and I would hear back from her right away....It's been a week and a half and NO ONE has reached out to me. Tried calling and physically going to the store and no help at all. I couldnt go to another store because they wouldn't know my situation and I would have to start all over again. But of course I get a text that indicates I need to pay my bill. I have even reached out to LG to get it repaired in which they told me it would be 2 weeks or more to get it repaired and of course I would have to pay for shipping. How is this fair as a customer?!?!?!

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        Unfortunately all that can be done is exchanging the product for the same product. They will always be a refurbished unit. It is true that shipping is at the customers cost with LG. But usually if you speak with T-Mobile about the issue you might get a courtesy credit for the cost of shipping for which LG only charges shipping one way not both ways. Also if you have warranty through T-Mobile it only cost $5 to switch out the unit.

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