S8 Multi-line, number "Not ready to use"


    This question is complicated by the fact that I'm running the very buggy Oreo beta on my S8.  That MAY be the issue, but since the Samsung Beta program is useless and provides NO feedback on bug reports or user support, I thought I'd ask here.


    I've been running multi-line on my S8 since getting it.  It has worked fine.  Likely since updating to the beta (I'm not 100% sure that's when it started, but it is likely) my secondary number, while signed-in, shows "Not ready to use" under it, and isn't available in the Messages App or Dialer.


    The line works fine in the Digits App and in I've checked to make sure my E911 address is all good.  I've also signed out of multi-line and resigned in on the phone, as well as toggled the line on and off multiple times in the multi-line settings.


    Interestingly, when I enable the line, the Digits App gives me an alert that the line has been activated on my S8.


    Thoughts anyone?

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