About half of my calls go right to voicemail


    This has been going on for over a year.  For the longest, I thought it was just me.  Maybe my phone.  Maybe my townhouse.  Maybe my commute.  Maybe my office at work.  Nope.  I did some research and I see a lot of people have this problem.   I have a Samsung Note 4 and of course Tmobile.  So many people tell me they tried to call me and the they get routed right to voicemail.  It makes no difference where I am at.  It just keeps happening. 


    Is there any way to address this?  Is this a handset issue?  Sim card?  Anything?

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      • snn555

        Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

        Have you contacted tmobile support for line provisioning, SIM card replacement or reset the phone?

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        • drnewcomb2

          Is this a T-Mobile Note 4 (N1910T) and where are you located? (e.g. Zip code)

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          • conanzulu


              • snn555

                Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                Have you contacted TMobile yet about this issue? That would be the fastest route to the quickest answer and resolution.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Hey, conanzulu!


                  Thanks for all of the info you've provided so far. I checked out the zip code you provided and everything coverage-wise looks great. You mentioned you're using a Note 4 -- is this a T-Mobile Note 4 or an unlocked Note 4? If it's happening everywhere, it's either the phone or the SIM. It could just be that we need to refresh your signal on our network. snn555 also had a great recommendation of contacting our Tech Care team as they'll be able to access your account, file a ticket with Engineers (if needed), as well as provide in-depth troubleshooting steps.

                • tmo_chris

                  Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                  Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Hi there!


                    Just stopping in to see if things are working properly. Give us a holler back and let us know. Thank you.

                    • magenta5281709

                      I am also facing the same issue, randomly incoming calls are routed to my voicemail directly.

                      I don't get any notification or log for the missed calls unless callers leave a voicemail for me.

                      I contacted TMob customer support many times but the issue is not getting fixed.

                      • munson15

                        Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                        (Think I discovered why this is happening.. 'Calls going right to voicemail' )

                        I've had the same issue, which began towards the end of 2018 for me.

                        I'm pretty sure I found the cause of calls going directly to voicemail without my cell ever ringing.

                        It seems to have to do with the type of signal my cell (Samsung Galaxy J7 ) is receiving at the time.

                        If it is connected thru either the  'HSUPA', 'HSPA', or HSPA+ signals (supposedly 'High Speed signals'), then my cell is connected to a strong signal, but does not respond to calls or texts during those times and my calls go directly to voicemail without ever ringing.

                        My cell changes what type of signal it is connected to fairly frequently, which is not an issue (LTE signals are best), until it switches to the HSUPA, HSPA or HSPA+.

                        There appears to be a compatibility issue between the phone and these signals. Anytime my phone is trying to place a call and cannot connect, I'll check & I see that one of these problematic connections is active. (FYI- WiFi is not connected at these moments..since my Tmobile connection is better in my location.)

                        I called Tmobile 'Support' and spent hours on the phone getting passed from one layer of tech support on to higher levels.

                        I wanted to see if there was a way to prevent my cell from connecting to these 'HSPA' connections.

                        No one could instruct me how to do this, and my case was submitted to the highest level of tech support a month ago & I never heard anything back.

                        Wish I had a solution to blocking these signal connections so I receive ONLY LTE signals, but I do not & Tmobile 'Tech Support' has been useless on this !


                            If you're curious what signal you're receiving :

                            Settings/ About Phone (usually all the way @bottom)/ Status (view SIM Card)/ SIM Card Status 

                            (Under Mobile Network Type it will display what type of signal you are connected to at the moment)


                        Best of luck !

                          • snn555

                            Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                            1. Touch Apps.
                            2. Touch Settings.
                            3. Touch Connections.
                            4. Touch Mobile networks.
                            5. Touch Network mode.
                            6. Touch the desired option (e.g., LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)).

                            Does that work on your J7?

                              • munson15

                                Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                                Hi-Yes. I've tried each option, but they do nothing to prevent the HSUPA/etc connections from occurring.Options: [LTE/3G/2G  Auto Connect (Recommended)]             [2G only]

                                My past cells allowed you to 'Forget' a connection so it wouldn't occur. This generation of cell doesn't seem capable of doing that.

                                Any other idea of how to either make my cell compatible with these network connections, or block them ?Thank you, I appreciate it.-Neal

                                  • snn555

                                    Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                                    None of my last LG or Motorola phones would allow me to do anything other than try to choose the preferred network however cell tower operators can override and force any signal on you that is available. Case in point I have a band 4 lte cellspot and I have a band 66 tower nearby. The tower has a weaker signal than the LTE cellspot however the phone chooses the tower and according to T-Mobile the tower operators are responsible for this override.

                                      • munson15

                                        Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                                        Understood. It is frustrating !I too have a cell spot here & continue to have problems on a daily basis.Tmobile needs to figure an update to make all phones compatible with these signals, or install a means (via app or other) to block these connections.Tmobile advised me that their top tier of techs would be in touch with me weeks ago to resolve this issue...nothing yet !-N

                                          • snn555

                                            Re: About half of my calls go right to voicemail

                                            personally I wish my LTE cellspot worked in priority over my network tower which is two blocks away. My network tower is congested however I have a fairly speedy home internet and it would be beneficial to me how I use my phone to be able to use my cell spot because there are very few T-Mobile users around me which I have verified through various means.