Need to know what to do next?




    I need the advice of a T - Mobile support representative.


    I bought an used Alcatel Idol 4s Windows 10 Phone of ebay from a guy who said its locked to T-Mobile and nothing more.


    I tried getting the unlock code for the phone today from T-Mobile today by giving the IMEI Number.


    I was told that the phone has equipment installment due on it of over $ 200.


    What are my options I don't want to have to pay off another fellow's liability.


    Thanks for any help.

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      • snn555

        Re: Need to know what to do next?

        Unfortunately there's nothing you can really do except file a claim with eBay Under buyer protection. You could offer to pay off the amount owed however the original owner would need to go through T-Mobile to unlock the device. So at this point and juncture your only recourse is to contact the seller and arrange for a return and refund. Of course it all depends on how the ad listing was worded and exactly what terms you agreed to and the seller's return policy however as stated before you may have other rights under eBay's Buyer Protection policy.