How do we provide feedback to Tmobile's Executive Directors to inform them of how much Tmobile's customer service has declined?


    I have been a Tmobile customer for over 17 years.


    I used to be a strong believer that Tmobile provided good customer service that was focused on customer satisfaction.  If not, I obviously would not have stayed with Tmobile this long.  However, that is NOT the case anymore, and if Tmobile doesn't fix this, I am predicting that they will likely go out of business.  Customer servicing is everything.


    I can name several reasons I am unhappy with tmobile's customer service, here are a few:


    - Tmobile's website is full of glitches.  In the age of agile software development, updates are fast tracked, but that is no excuse not to properly system test the changes and ensure that your customers aren't sent in endless, illogical loops that keep them from getting what they need from you.  Need an example?  Login yourself and try to order a replacement SIM card for one of your lines.  See what that experience is like for you.  I guarantee you will end up scratching your head wondering how you got to a page that makes no sense at all, and without any idea how to get what you need.  You want a replacement SIM?  No, sorry, you will only be directed to a page to order a new phone.  That is not customer service.  If the issue is using an off-shore development team, then it's your responsibility to ensure that someone within the organization is reviewing and approve the results.


    -  Live chat, replaced with the equivalent of text messaging, which if you are an existing customer, you will sit and wait and wait for each response, while the rep is obviously texting with several customers at the same time.  Nobody in their right mind would try to convince anyone that this constitute good servicing.


    - $20 fee both in store and online for purchasing and activating a new phone.  News flash:  If you are losing money, they way to fix it is to do some root cause analysis on why you might be losing your share of the market, not just tack on fees.  If we are purchasing a phone, you are already making anywhere from $400 - $900 from us!  The least you can do is assist with purchase process without also charging us extra for that... if you don't recognize that it should be a service included with purchase, that would be part of the reason your organization is about to fail. 


    - I purchased a phone recently online, myself, so I wouldn't have to pay $20 for you to help me place the order.  The phone arrive yesterday with a dead pixel.  Called 611, got lead in circles for 15 minutes by customer service, then transferred to tech support who then informed me that I needed to go to a store, so they could print me a shipping label, so that I could ship my phone back (and be without a phone), until Tmobile then mailed me a replacement.  I had to inform the customer service rep that she was going to send me a replacement, and include a shipping label so that I could send back the defective phone once I received a replacement (like had been done for me in the past).  You know what she told me?  She said she didn't know that I wanted her to do that.  Then she said that she can only send refurbished phones.  I had to inform her that my original purchase WAS a refurbished phone.  She said, "oh I didn't know that.  It's showing a note 3" -- which was my old phone.  I asked her if she did not have the ability to look at the purchase that I made.  She did.  She checked, and saw it.    She then fumbled through attempting to arrange the replacement, and then explained that when she attempted to process a replacement order, THEIR SYSTEM still shows my old galaxy note 3 so when she tried to do the replacement order, it tries to send a note 3 and she was stuck.   I ordered it online, as an upgrade to the note 3, so obviously it's a problem in their system.  Now flustered, she put me on hold, tried to transfer me back customer service.  After being one the phone for over an hour, THEY HUNG UP ON ME and my problem is still unresolved.


    I'd like to believe that the organization's executive team is unaware, and obviously, they can't fix it if they are unaware.  The only other possibility is that they lack the sense to recognize the problem, or the wisdom on how to fix it.  Which takes us back to my initial statement, Tmobile will be out of business in the near future.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta3100529!


        First off, welcome to our T-Mobile Support Community! I appreciate the honesty and transparency of your post. You have been with us for close to two decades which means you've seen a lot of changes that our company has gone through. You're right -- customer service is the backbone of a company. It can make you or break you, in my opinion. We'd love to bring the happiness that you once had as a customer back but I can see there are a few things standing in the way of that and I'd love to address them.


        • I did just as you said and logged into my personal account to attempt to purchase a SIM. Upon further research, replacement SIMs are not able to be purchased online. Generally, CARE or a retail store will get you set-up with a replacement, if needed. However, I do agree that there is room for improvement to call this out to prevent confusion.
        • Live chat can be a fantastic feature especially if you're unable to call in. However, if you're having to wait awhile between responses, that defeats the purpose. Thank you for pointing this out. I will pass this feedback along to our chat contact.
        • Since you've been with us for so long, I'm sure the addition of the $20 Upgrade Support Charge came as a shock. The $20 Upgrade Support Charge includes personalized support to help you set up your new device as well as a new SIM which provides enhanced functionality for Wi-Fi Calling, VoLTE, and upgraded security algorithms.
        • Wow! I can see how this situation would be frustrating not only because it sounds like you had to point out obvious information. In my previous position with T-Mobile, I've encountered a situation similar to yours and a new order just simply needs to be placed. I'm incredibly sorry you were hung up on after being on the phone with her for a very long time. I want to get this straightened out for you ASAP. I'm going to send you a private message. You can check your inbox here.


        Again, I want to thank you so much for pointing out the areas of opportunity to us. There is always room for improvement but from what you pointed out, we can immediately act upon this.

          • magenta3100529

            Amanda:  I called back and after explaining 3 more times, being transferred from the initial customer care rep to a "manger," arepresentative by the name of Samantha processed a replacement and shipping label for me. 

              • tmo_amanda

                magenta3100529, I'm glad Samantha was able to get your label sent to you but you shouldn't have had to go through so much work to have it sent.


                Just to clarify, yes, SIMs can be purchased online but only in conjunction with adding a new line or upgrading your device. They cannot be purchased alone on an existing line. When I follow the steps that you provided, I see the upgrade button but you cannot simply just upgrade a SIM. You upgrade the device and a new SIM comes with it. I do understand where you're coming from and see how it can be confusing.


                Yes, previously there was no charge for upgrading although you may have been charged for the SIM. As the volume of upgrades increases, so does the time required to process them which is why the $20 upgrade support charge was enabled. We have numerous ways to avoid this charge (which you're aware of according to your original post) and we urge customers to go that route, if available. There may be times when My T-Mobile isn't functioning as it should be and you're unable to upgrade - in situations like that, we work with customers on the charge.

              • magenta3100529



                I have read through your response to each of my issues.  First of all, I appreciate your attempt to address each one.


                Regarding the new SIM card, you did not address the issues.  Your response sates that replacement SIM Cards cannot be purchased online.  Your website, however, indicates in multiple locations that a SIM card can in fact be purchased online.  If you go here:  SIM cards , click on the link for buying it online, it takes you to the screen to purchase a 3-in-1 starter kit.  Then you have to choose between upgrade or adding a line.  Click on upgrade, and look where you end up.  Not on a screen that lets you purchase the sim card starter kit that you were just looking at.  Simply saying you have to go to a store or call customer care does not address the issue.


                Your explanation regarding the new $20 fee for setup, still deflects from the real issue.  Everything you described was part of the purchase price before, and does not in anyway explain why we should have to pay an additional fee for that now.


                Pie-in-the-sky responses might have a nice ring to them, but unless anything actually changes, useless.  Your executive management team should be made aware.

              • stevetjr

                magenta3100529    Just a few comments from the peanut gallery LOL.  I have been with TMO not quite as long as you have but am in the same ballpark, 13 or 14 years or so.  Things have definitely change in the last 4 or so years and can tell you that since John Legere took over it is a different company and frankly now a different industry.  One challenge when you are blazing a new trail is having everyone and every department trying to keep up so some small things get missed and until a few unfortunate either csr's or customers step on the proverbial landmine no one knows it's there.  It definitely sounds like your experience with your phone is one of those isolated incidents because if you look at cell carrier customer satisfaction ratings and frankly TMO's numbers compared to the other 3 they are definitely doing it right (most of the time lol) One thing I would suggest especially if you run into initial issues is use their service channel via FaceBook and their T-Force reps, I can tell you from experience they are top notch and have seen them resolve some really complicated problems for users on this site.  All you need to do is click the FB link in this contact us link Contact Us. 


                "If we are purchasing a phone, you are already making anywhere from $400 - $900 from us!  The least you can do is assist with purchase process without also charging us extra for that... if you don't recognize that it should be a service included with purchase, that would be part of the reason your organization is about to fail."


                trust me they are not making $400 to $900 dollars from you on the sale of a phone, the carriers actually make very little if anything of the sale of a device.  Frankly if they didn't need sell them they wouldn't, as previous cell CEO's have said but it is a necessary evil.  The device/phone manufacturers are the ones that make the money and after inventory costs, free interest loans and etc they actually lose money on most handset sales.  Trust me they would love to change the model but the manufacturers have all the leverage because without their product the carriers have nothing to sell. I do agree the $20 charge is a nuisance and wish they would get rid of it or make it optional especially like in the case of my watch which has an e-SIM but still got charge the $20 "SIM" charge.  But with TMO being number 1 in so many categories and offering so much more than their competitors if that is one of the few PITA's and I only have to deal with it here and there I will take it versus some of the agregious garbage the other 3 do.



                Lastly if you tweet John Legere the CEO or he openly puts his email out there ( ) as long as it is constructive either he will respond or he will forward it to one of his executive staff and direct them to look into it. The first time I tweeted him a few years ago on behalf of a single mom that posted an issue on this site and was getting bamboozled by a TMO sales person at one of their stores (every commisioned environment has a few bad apples) he responded within 10 minutes, got my number, and the COO called me about 20 minutes after that then conferenced in the VP of sales.  I didn't know the ladies name just her user ID on the site, but they figured out who it was with details from the post, called her the next day, got her the plan she was wanting (she had done her homework) without all the extra's they tried to force bundle in, they gave her 3 months credit, and shipped it all to her next day for free so she wouldn't have to go back to that store. How many other carriers or frankly companies does a CEO get a tweet, get involved and get it fixed immediatly or even how many CEO's can even be directly reached by the customer. 



                It's a different world in the cell space now and not all the changes benefit everyone unfortunatly but I can say that most have been positive and definitly don't want to go back to the old broken model where carriers like Verizon were getting away with 55% profit margins because they could.

                • magenta4006870

                  I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, and the only reason I did is because a sales rep sold me on a plan that actually doesn't exist. I spend half my time abroad and need to use my phone when I'm outside of the U.S. I was told that I could choose the Simply Prepaid plan and then when I left the country all I needed to do was select the international add-on for $15/month and it would be prorated for the time I'm abroad. I was told my plan would work exactly the same as it does in the U.S. I ran through date and country scenarios with the rep trying to make sure we were communicating clearly and I ended the conversation happily thinking I had found the best plan.


                  Two weeks in and I'm heading out of the country and come to realize that this plan doesn't exist at all. So now I'm stuck paying more than I was with Verizon and I'm going to have to get a SIM and prepaid plan for my destination country which I'll have to pay for separately.


                  Not only am I disappointed that I was lied to, but I'm also frustrated that I got so many mixed messages, leaving me unable to trust any rep. The amount of time I've spent on hold and on chat is beyond what should have been necessary to get answers.


                  T-Mobile needs to teach their sales reps to understand their plans. It's ridiculous that a rep doesn't know what T-Mobile actually offers. That's their only job.