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    My wife is currently on Verizon with a iPhone 6plus,and I’m wondering if she could bring that phone over to T-Mobile if i added her to my plan? I am also a first generation jump customer with the two free upgrades every year. If I add her to my plan will I lose the jump plan I was grandfatherd in on?



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Questions on adding a line

        Hiya, magenta1443056! We'd love to have your wife join your T-Mobile plan! If you're adding a line for her to your existing account, that shouldn't cause any issues or changes to the JUMP! 1 feature on your line. If her iPhone 6 Plus is unlocked, then she'll get a carrier update when she inserts the T-Mobile SIM that should set her up pretty well (she should even be able to use Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile!), but it's important to always be straightforward that we can't guarantee all functionality of Non-T-Mobile phones & software because we didn't test the equipment or SW ourselves for compatibility with our network.
        If she's already unlocked her phone, you could try swapping SIMs for a few days just to give the network a test drive through her iPhone!


        - Marissa