16+ year customer here. I pre-ordered the iPhone X space grey on October 27, 2017 right after midnight. Spoke with customer service because the billing address was Pa and needed to be shipped to San Diego. The representative ASSURED me the address change was made. I check the next day, my order is changed to silver. Fine. 0-1. Next, the shipping label is made, I check, it's being sent to PA. 0-2. I call and was told I can get a credit from shipping Pa to CA when it's received. Fine. I say DO NOT CANCEL MY ORDER, SHIP TO PA. Then I call back and I'm told that we need to wait until UPS gets it to try to change it, I'll get a call back. Ok. No call back. I call back AND THEN THE GIRL CANCELS MY ORDER. I call back, speak with a supervisor and I'm told it's not cancelled, it's going to PA. Ok fine, we'll ship it to CA. I get a call back and ITS CANCELLED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I check UPS and it's being re-routed  back to Tmobile!!! Now I'm being told that I can RE ORDER and I'll get it in December. This is the biggest colossal and unbelievably bungled situation it's insane. You guys literally didn't do one thing right. How are you going to fix this?????

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        My goodness!! This sounds like quite the mess and I cannot apologize enough that you have had to endure all of this. Upgrading your phone should be a fun and exciting experience, not one that makes your hair turn grey! We are going to need to take a look at your account and order history to find out what happened here and find the best course of action. I know you have called into our care teams many times but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to message our T-Force team. They are a group of specialists that will be able to fully access your account to see a holistic view of what happened and I am confident that we do everything we can to sort this out.