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    Hi all. I was on holiday to the US from Ireland a few months ago and went to the Apple Store to get a phone replacement for my iPhone 7 as my older one was broke. I was told that the phone would work on my own SIM card when I returned to Ireland and when I put it into the device when I got home, it would not work for me. I have since called Apple Support for help and so far I discovered that Apple are slow to resolve issues and that the device is currently locked to T-Mobile. I have researched on how to unlock my device to use here in Ireland and the first step told me that I needed to have an email with an unlocking verification and steps on how to do it. I do not know how to get this email nor do I want to call T-Mobile as I do not want my bill to be very high for calling a foreign number. Can anyone help me at all? Is there any easy way to contact T-Mobile without costs? I have signed up to T-Mobile and it was no different to what it was previously. Any help at all I would be grateful. Thanks!

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        The problem is with Apple really and their Flex Policy which locks an unlocked device to the first carrier SIM inserted.  I assume while in the US you were using a T-Mobile SIM before returning to IE.  The problem comes in that for a carrier to request an unlock they have to be the carrier that sold the device and of course T-Mobile has no record of selling that device so they can't request the unlock. If you want you can reach out to T-Force on either Facebook or Twitter ( I use FB personally) and you can see if they can direct you to or find a way to get it unlocked for you.  Just click on the FB link in this contact us link Contact Us