Please rename your plan


    2+ qualifying lines of  T-mobile ONE gets you Netflix at no extra charge.


    1) I initially (when seeing it in passing) read the above as two for ONE offer with Netflix included.

    Took me a while to realize my mistake.


    2) Also, One Plus is the name of a popular phone.


    3) when you go to the t-mob home page and click on plans it has the above header, then you scroll down and it says get all this on T-mobile ONE, beneath which it says Netflix on us. This should not be included here as it’s not something you get with T-mobile ONE and adds to the confusion, requiring you to read the small print. Create another banner if you have to that says “Plus get this with Two or more lines of T-Mobile ONE”

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        Re: Please rename your plan

        If you are on a promotional plan then it will say PROMO on it and those do not qualify.  Their FAQ points to this as well and it isn't a fine print thing.


        personally I read that as.


        I need 2 or more lines qualifying on T-Mobile One plan to get Netflix.  So I read the FAQ which gave more details.