iPhone X first observations


    This is just the first observations I have of my new phone:


    1. The size is something to get use to as it is smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus that I have been using for the past year.
    2. This has been the EASIEST phone I have set up or maybe I’m just getting really good at it.  the facial recognition set up was easy and is used by the apps so you don’t have to enter your password.
    3. I don’t miss the home button at all. To close an app just swipe up, how easy is that? 
    4. The power button on the right side of the phone, now does more than before.  It brings up Apple Pay (with 2 clicks), brings up Siri and Emergency. To shut off the phone phone you now need to press the “power” & any volume button. 
    5. The full screen is nice.  The notch at the top that some people complained about before the phone was released, to me is a non-issue.
    6. The new portrait features are pretty cool. For those that love taking selfies, you’re gonna really love the portrait selfie feature.


    Do I love my phone? Not yet.  Definitely not love at first site like my 7 Plus.  Don’t know why Apple got rid of the Rose Gold color, it was my favorite.  I haven’t tested the wireless charging. Hope that having a case on the phone won’t affect it.


    What are your first thoughts?

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      • dragon1562

        Re: iPhone X first observations

        I personally found the Iphone X to be a good a phone that wasn't completely done being designed. I don't like relying on just face ID to get into my phone and wish Apple could have took a similar approach of samsung by keeping touch ID on say the back of the phone. I'm also sad that the $1000 phone doesn't support gigabit LTE like competing devices at similar or even lower price range. I think it has a beautiful screen and that IOS is pretty well designed for the new device but it takes some serious getting used to. I also wish their was a bigger version of the phone that was about the size of the note 8.


        Overall I wasn't impressed enough to shell out the money for a phone that didn't meet my needs and thus opted to buy the iPhone 8+ instead. The design might be lame and the screen not as good but the performance is the same and that is the most important thing. I'll upgrade again next year to a X 2.0 or whatever they call it but I'm fine with the old phone design this year around.