Can't pay bill online


    The website won't let me pay by check it keeps kicking me out of the chack payment screen.  Or it just errors out with this error:


    Server Error in '/Login' Application.

    Runtime Error

        Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.


    This has been going on for at least a year.  I'm using the latest FireFox web browser.  Why does t-mobile make it so hard for me to pay my bill?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Can't pay bill online

        Yikes, magenta3102227, a week without this functionality working is too long -- let alone a year! This is the kind of issue we'd need to review your account to troubleshoot completely, and then file a ticket for with our web team if the error message isn't something we can narrow down on our own. Please Contact Us when you have a moment so that we can look into this for you!


        - Marissa