J7 Update Doesn't Allow Me To Recive or Send Texts


    After the recent OS update this month, my J7 has completely lost all of its usefulness. I can no longer receive phone calls or text, which as a mother of 2 is irritating and scary. I can make calls, but only on wifi calling at my home. Apparently T-mobile changed their megahertz which is no longer compatible with the J7....at least that is what the sales rep told me last night. My phone is a year old. Now the only way I can communicate with my kids when I am home is via SnapChat or Facebook messenger. Such a crock as I am spending a whole lot of money on phones that don't work. Maybe Verizon will take us back....sigh....If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know, as I hate having to cancel and change service providers.

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