Mobile Without Borders


    I feel that Mobile Without Borders page may need to be tweet a bit more. It was not to clear about about some details:


    1. Under the grandfather plan "Simple Choice North America Unlimited Family Match Promo 4 line for $150". Does the 4G/LTE cap went down to 5 GB from 32 GB?


    2. If not, Does the 5GB 4G/LTE cap go against the 32 GB 4G/LTE cap?


    3. The line "On all T-Mobile plans, the small fraction of customers using over 50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until the next bill cycle due to data prioritization." So now it's up to  50 GB 4G/LTE cap?



    Yes, I did call care... first rep did not answer my question, just redirected to giving usages detail about my hotspot about 3 of my lines,, so I just hang up and called again... rude yes, but "kaz"Caz" or whatever her name had it coming to her for not answering my question after I explained 3 times! But the next rep i spoke did explain that the 5 GB is just for mexico and Canada. No matter if I used up 32 GB in the USA I will still have 5 GB 4G/LTE Cap.

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