The absolute worst. No hyperbole.


    I know many people use hyperbolic statements regarding bad experiences with calling in to customer service. Please believe me when I say I’m not exaggerating one slightest bit when I say T-Mobile has the absolute worst customer service across all individual constituent parts of their customer experience. Activations. Telesales. DIGIT’s support, Account Specialists and level 1 tech support. I spoke to a few others and know I forgot a few. Every person at every department gave me a different reason as to why my issue was occurring. Every one. Was dumped into the cue of every other department I was supposed to be transferred to. I was continually cut off from speaking. The issue? Activating an Apple Watch Series 3. Not one person can even explain or say why then can’t activate it. I wish I had never transferred my service. Each department is so out of touch, out of communication and unfamiliar with the other its mind boggling how they get anything done. I’ve bought an expensive watch for one thing that evidently can’t be done. At least for me. At least on T-Mobile.

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