Is throttling getting worse?


    I have a 2gb plan which is usually enough but some months we run over for a couple days.

    We also went abroad and experienced the 2g roaming in england. Slow, but useable.


    Earlier today I was trying to do ANYTHING and even a simple Google search was returning "connection reset" error messages.

    The news story app on my gs7 have a connection not found error too.


    Oddly, voice to text worked almost as far as normal. 

    Did they mess with the throttled speed limit such that chrome and most other apps now time out?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Is throttling getting worse?

        Slow internet speeds are never any fun! When you reach your high-speed data allotment, you should still be able to use your data services at a slower speed. That is unless you are roaming where there is actually a hard cap. Are you currently roaming in the US or are you still abroad? This might sound silly but when this issue happens, have you tried rebooting your phone and checking if the issue persists?

          • dosmastr

            Re: Is throttling getting worse?

            Unless Suburbia New Jersey has become a different country, No, I'm no place that should have a hard cap.


            Did restart phone (I have seen that clear up oddball issues) but this didnt even push the mms with a small gif through.. (Texts went ok though)


            I suppose it's possible I was off the t mobile network...but unlikely, we were 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, a call to my voice mail completed without incident, so did a ookla speed test (70mbps!!) Showing fill signal with no indication that the phone was roaming.


            Home on wifi today and cycle resets tomorrow... but there's nothing official about throttling speed being adjusted?


            2g is normally slow but useable, this was like airplane mode was on (except for when it worked as described above)

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Is throttling getting worse?

                Thanks for clarifying! Yeah, you should not be experiencing a complete failure of data services. I would say that we should get a support ticket sent up to our engineers for this but since your cycle resets tomorrow, chances are everything is gonna go back to normal. Let's do this, if in this next cycle you hit the 2GB and you lose all data connectivity, contact us as soon as it happens so we can get a ticket up ASAP. That should give the engineers enough time to review your ticket while you are still over your high-speed data limit.

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