4G LTE CellSpot port check


    hi all,


    jump to bold text for concern


    ordered 2 4G LTE CellSpots: 1 for work and 1 for home.

    Home cellspot worked right away without any problems - all lights are green, everything great.

    Work cellspot:

    • ordered thru the rep
    • delivered to office but since my account was under my wife's name and no one knew my wife's name - it was returned back
    • called and reordered another one, this time notified shipping/receiving department so I got it.
    • received it but wouldn't "activate"(go through the initial setup, weekend, then restarted on Mon, Tue morning still didn't work)


    According to LED lights:

    • Device is unable to reach T-Mobile network
    • Check with ISP on network settings. Ensure ports UDP: 500, 4500, 123 are opened
    • Check your internet connectivity


    So I decided to follow T-mobile doc:

    4G LTE CellSpot mini tower status lights & ports

    However, I noticed that check at the bottom "Verify the ports are open" are for TCP connections, not UDP.

    So my question, isn't it wrong to check if ports are open using TCP proto instead of UDP, since it definitely needs UDP: 123(NTP), 500(IPSec), 4500 ports, not the TCP ones which completely wrong.


    PS: Regarding device itself - suspecting it wasn't provisioned correctly, verified but connecting office cellspot at home instead of home cellspot and it failed too. After removing office and plugging in home cellspot - it connected and all lights are green again.

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