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    Ok - so I want to limit my kid a certain number of messages...and I do that. Of course, I add mine and my spouses phone numbers to the Allowed Numbers list.  However, it seems like my kids messages to us are counted against his allowance.  Why would I want to limit my child in sending messages to allowed numbers?  If this is indeed the case, Family Allowance is USELESS.   A child would be hesitant to text their parents - or emergency number listed in order not to use up the allotment.


    Please confirm that this is so -  I'll be canceling promptly.  If I'm missing something, do let me know.

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      • dragon1562

        Family Allowances


        It could be that the texts are being sent on wifi and in which case the Family Allowance settings might not work correctly. Although honestly it would probably be easier to just allow your child to use his or her phone to message as much as they want. So long as your on a unlimited plan which is pretty common. This way you don't have to worry about the micro management of users on your account.


        Also I would honestly suggest calling customer care. These forums mainly consist of other T-mobile users like myself and as such we only have access to public info on things. Hope I was of some help and things work out and a manageable way.

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        • magenta3069589

          I called customer service, and my suspicion was correct.  Basically, I can set a limit for my child, but the 'always allowed' numbers count towards the quota.

          I cancelled Family Sharing on the spot.


          ATTENTION T-MOBILE:    Please fix this!!! This feature potentially places kids in potential danger. For example - if a child takes alternate route or transportation or goes with a friend after school; the child will be deterred from sending parents messages, as that would count against the child's quota.


          I am presuming if a person utilizes phone minutes quota - it will be the same effect.   Awful and outdated "feature"

            • tmo_chris

              We greatly appreciate this feedback! I can totally see how having messages sent to always allowed numbers count towards the quota you set for the line might deter the child from sending messages the the always allowed numbers since it will mean they will run out of messages to send and receive amongst their friends. The good news is that even once the quota is full, they will still always be able to send the messages to the always allowed numbers no matter the quota you set, even if it is maxed out. 


              I will make sure that I pass your feedback up to the support teams so that we can take it into consideration for updates to the feature. In the meantime, it might be worth increasing the child lines quota and setting the expectation that the increase is so that they can text you without fear of hitting their original quota you set.

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