Why does AppleCare addition require physical inspection


    In my discussions with support and even when ordering my new iPhone X from T-Mobile is that in order to enroll and get AppleCare you need to have the device inspected at a local store within 14 days. I had originally thought this would only apply to a device that we brought over from another carrier however in double checking since I don't want to get screwed on this again, I am being told even NEW phones shipped from T-Mobile must be inspected within 14 days to have the coverage.


    I can't tell you how crazy this seems given the device is BRAND new and from T-Mobile. My only assumption is T-Mobile is hoping to avoid providing the care and thus cost to them by people not knowing it has to be brought into a store or don't want to bother. The Device Protection is clear it can only be added within 14 days, which is also odd that you have to ask, but why a hands-on inspection is crazy.


    Can any T-Mobile person help with the logic or tell me otherwise on the in-store requirement?

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