Sending a photo as a picture message, under T-Mobile's Legacy "Pay As You Go" Plan




    I have a Samsung SGH-T139 phone, with T-Mobile's Legacy "Pay As You Go" Plan.


    I am interested in sending a photo as a picture message from the SGH-T139 phone to another phone. This other phone is a Nokia 6133, with a monthly postpaid plan from T-Mobile.



    I did some google searching, and I found the following online discussion from 2012:




    In that discussion, in post #6, the poster called "whacker" says the following:


    "Sending SMS or MMS to e-mail is definitely not a standard feature in the T-Mobile prepaid realm (at least PAYGO level service). Sending to a phone number is (MMS messages cost $0.25 each way)"


    In post #11, the poster called "mrcamp" concurs with "whacker", saying the following:


    "I have had tmobile payg without a data plan for about 8 years or so, and have always been able to send and receive MMS to other numbers."



    Well, today, I tried to send a photo as a picture message from the SGH-T139 to the Nokia 6133. Unfortunately, the sending process never completed, and I had to "cancel sending".


    The SGH-T139 has been able to receive picture messages consisting of text only. These messages are labeled "Picture Message", but they are text only. Also, the phone received some kind of non-text file as a picture message, and the file appeared inside the phone in a degraded manner.


    Years ago, I tried sending a photo as a picture message to an email address, not a phone number. From what I recall, the photo was sent successfully. However, the photo never arrived at the destination email.



    So, what's going on here? If my phone can receive picture messages, why can't my phone send a photo as a picture message to another phone number or to an email address?


    Any help is appreciated.

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