S7 Edge inflight texting


    I am unable to use inflight texting through airplane wifi systems on various airlines. Friends are able to get their apple devices to work. I was also able to get google hangouts to work, but SMS is no longer supported on this app.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: S7 Edge inflight texting

        Hey, 152sic!


        Welcome to our Support Community! That's no fun that everyone else is able to get their GoGo in-flight SMS working. Can you do me a favor and please make sure you're on a supported airline as well as try the steps found here: T-Mobile In-flight texting & Wi-Fi. Please let me know the outcome!

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: S7 Edge inflight texting

          Hey there! Just wanted to check in here and see if we could get a few more details from you about your experience! If you've got a moment to take a peek at the follow-up questions Amanda asked above and fill us in, that would be great! Thank you.

          • 152sic

            Re: S7 Edge inflight texting

            I don't have issues with the data. Google hangouts used to work in-flight. But for some reason Google hangouts isn't supported as a sms application anymore.


            Folks with iPhones seem to have no problem texting whilst flying.


            Also, this is without logging into and paying for internet.



            • magenta3299659

              Re: S7 Edge inflight texting

              RE texting issue over WiFi: I have a Galaxy S7 Edge on T-Mobile. I found while on a plane,  you of course must first have access to free or paid Wi-Fi. You then must do 2 things. 1) Turn on WiFi calling, and 2) turn on Wi-Fi preferred. Note that Cellular preferred does not work, and must be a glitch. Your phone will remind you to change this setting back to Cellular preferred once you get back to a mobile network when on the ground.