Can I cancel a initiated trade in ? And keep my phone instead?


    Quick question regar the jump Can I cancel doing The jump that I initiated of did it on the sole purpose for the iPhone x but owed anlut$200 On my phone I have now so basically they would be paying my phone off and I’ll receive $100 credot towards my iPhone x but I rather just pay my phone off and keep it and pay for the diff on the iPhone X do I have to follow through with the trade?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta1327106! Forgive me, but I'm going to restate this first and make sure I understand what's happening here.
        Do you have an iPhone on a 24 month equipment installment plan and pay monthly for JUMP! insurance? If that's you're situation, and your iPhone is almost paid off (with $200 left I'd guess you've only got five installments or so), then I'm guessing you called in to complete a JUMP! upgrade. When you JUMP!, you begin a new EIP for the new phone (in this case, you'd pay a down payment for the iPhone X and the rest would be split up over 24 months), and your existing EIP (the financing agreement for your current iPhone) goes into something called a "JUMP! Return Pending" status.
        You don't have to return your existing iPhone, but the remaining installments will continue to bill out monthly along with the installments for your new iPhone X, and until that EIP is complete you wouldn't be able to use your JUMP! benefit on the iPhone X (if for some reason you wanted to switch phones again before the current iPhone is paid off). If you do turn it in, the remaining balance that you owe on it (the $200 you mentioned) will be wiped off of the agreement, and you'll only make the payments for your new phone.

        From what you're saying, it sounds like your intention was to pay off the balance on your original EIP, then trade the phone in to participate in the current $300 off iPhone offer (for which JUMP! orders aren't eligible). Systematically, this actually shouldn't be possible, because a trade-in has to be created when the order is created, and an IMEI with a device financing agreement balance should be rejected by the trade-in system. To pay off your device and then participate in the offer, you'd need to initiate the pay-off first, before the order was placed.


        - Marissa

          • magenta5044269

            I recently leased a new phone via jump on demand program. I am supposed to return the old leased phone as part of the terms on the new lease and have about ten days left to do so, it has no trade value but there was a buy out at the end of the lease and I chose to return it instead. However I have decided I want to keep my old phone as well. Can I pay off the old phone and keep it instead of returning it. I also want to continue the new lease.