Misled by T Mobile and Unfulfilled Promises


    Good morning,

    On 7/30 I switched my family from Verizon to T Mobile based on your promotion and rebates.

    I had switched from Verizon to T-mobile in Saugus store  1843 (3 lines on 7/30, then added another line 2 weeks later).

    I was told that I would get the following rebates:

    - my old iphone ($300).

    - A free iphone SE with iphone 7 purchase ($399)

    - Verizon pay-off ($514)

    It is now 3 months later and I have not received any of the rebates and T Mobile has NOT paid my Verizon account. As a result, a collection agency was hired by Verizon and I have had to pay them else risk my credit standing.

    I visited the Saugus store on 10/17 and spoke with Manager Miguel Bermudez. He was going to check and get back to me. He never did. I called...emailed...several attempts - and have gotten no answers.

    I am very disappointed and feel taken advantage of.

    Can T Mobile resolve this issue?

    Thank you,






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      • gramps28

        I would contact T-Mobile through facebook or twitter with this issue.


        Also if you can I would suggest editing your post to remove your personal information.

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        • drnewcomb2

          magenta3031282 wrote:


          and T Mobile has NOT paid my Verizon account.



          I don't think T-Mobile will pay your Verizon account. AFAIK, the most they will do is to issue you a real or virtual prepaid purchase card that covers the amount they agreed to. Actually paying Verizon is up to you. This is how it always has been, ever since T-Mobile introduced "Carrier Freedom". I think each item needs to be tracked down on its own. Do you have receipts showing where you sent in or turned over the trade-in phones?

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          • nelfar212

            Contact The TMO Solutions Center, When asked by the call center rep explain that you spoke with a previous rep and this hasn't been resolved and you need to speak with them.  

            • magenta3031282

              Appreciate all the replies.

              I went from the most incompetent sales people to Superstar T-mobile online rep. He took care of all rebates and submissions for me. I have not received anything yet but they seem to be processed.

              • tmo_marissa

                Hey, magenta3031282, and welcome to our Support Community -- I'm so sorry we're not meeting you on better terms!
                These offers are a ton to miss out on. Did you apply for these rebates on the promo site or apply for Carrier Freedom on the switch2tmobile site? If so, are you able to go back and perform status checks for your offers? What does it show for your status?
                FWIW, drnewcomb2 is correct about the Carrier Freedom payout process -- we aren't able to access accounts from other carriers, so once your final bill is submitted and the eligibility is validated, we would reimburse you for what you paid your previous carrier. It sounds like we could have done a much better job of explaining this process in the store, and I can definitely pass that feedback on.

                Given the nature of the situation, and because of the timeline, I think your best bet is to reach out to a team with account access so that we can review the matter thoroughly. I know you mentioned that you called and emailed (were those emails to the store manager?), but have you had a chance to work with the promotions team directly? They should have records of your entries and be able to get to the bottom of this for you.


                The Carrier Freedom team's contact information is as follows:


                To reach an agent:

                1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
                2. Press 3.
                3. Press 1.
                4. Press 1.


                And the Rebates team's info is:


                1. Press 1 for English.
                2. Press 2 for Terms & Conditions
                3. Press 2 for General Instructions
                4. Press 1 for Additional Assistance.
                • magentamonica

                  OMG! Me too!  The person that signed me up swore there wasn't any fine print to be weary of.  I will NEVER speak to tmobile.  WE NEED TO KEEP A PAPER TRAIL

                    • nelfar212

                      Here's what helped me though out the years, and this is with everything I do. I never without doing my research jump in head 1st, I *ALLWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT* there is a reason for it. *ASK ALOT OF QUESTIONS* it's their job to answer them, you'll find there is less headaches that way, now sometimes and this is why I won't do business with a company, I do expect a company to honor information given to me by it's "agents" or compensate for the misinformation given out by their agents. In my 10yrs with TMO, I'd say there has been a handful who didn't embody TMO's vision, 99.9% they get it right an/or make it right.  

                    • evrosado1

                      When I switched from Verizon to TMobile 3 1/2 years ago, I was told I had to pay Verizon and submit the bill with the cancelation penalty to Tmobile. Once I did that tmobile refunded me the money via Visa Debit card. Not sure if they still do it the same or via account credit, but that was my experience. i had also traded in a phone which they gave me monthly statement credits for, not a lump sum payout.


                      Also, as tmo_Marissa stated, deal with the promotions dept not the store. I had turned a phone into a local TMO store when Jump on Demand was first introduced.  I asked for a receipt and they told me they don’t have to do that. I was skeptical but figured they know not me.  Lo and behold, the next month I’m charged the monthly installment for the phone.  I contacted the store, they said it’s on the account that I returned it. As soon as I hung up with them I called customer care. They refunded the payment and said it takes a while for them to get the phone & clear up that the phone was returned. The following month the same thing.  I sent an email to corporate.  Corporate took care of the whole thing.  They did the research, contacted the store, credited my account, marked the item as returned and paid. The next year I was given a receipt when I turned in my phone. 


                      Stuff happens and and sometimes in our frustration, we miss things.  Emails are great but not if you’re contacting the wrong people who truly can’t help you.