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$300 Trade in problems!


    Just switched to T-Mobile last week after 15 years with AT&T. A large part of me switching was the $300 trade-in option with T-Mobile after upgrading to a new phone. I pre-ordered the iPhone X as soon as it came out and tried to process my $300 trade-in with the agent over the phone. She kept having issues processing the trade-in and suggested that we just go ahead and order the phone and that we could process the trade-in separately after the fact.


    This morning, I called in and was told that the only way to process the trade-in is to cancel my iPhone X order, losing my launch day place in line and that there i s no other way to do it. This is extremely frustrating because the initial agent could not process the simple trade-in and then I was told that it could be processed after the fact.


    Just wanted to share my case on here in hopes that maybe someone from T-Mobile could escalate this issue to a department or someone that can correct this issue. Thanks!!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: $300 Trade in problems!

        Oh no, afm09d! I'm sorry for the delay in our reply here, and so, so sorry that there was trouble completing your trade-in when you reached out to join T-Mobile.


        Generally speaking, the information you received when you reached out after your order was placed is correct -- a trade-in needs to be completed during the order process, and isn't an option after the fact. It's a huge bummer to hear that we advised you otherwise, and I know that the prospect of losing your place in line is just awful. That said, I'd love to see what we can do to help. I believe there is an internal escalation process for certain scenarios.


        I'm going to send a private message your way -- please take a look in your inbox in a few moments. Thank you!


        - Marissa