Blueborne patch for S7?


    mid-April 2017: BlueBorne vulnerability announced to the world as a MAJOR security risk. Industry analysts recommend keeping Bluetooth off until a patch has been installed.


    mid-September 2017: Samsung releases BlueBorne patch for S7.


    end of Infinity: How long I'm apparently going to have to wait for T-Mobile to release the BlueBorne patch for my S7.


    Seriously, people, this has got to stop. You NEED to get this patch out there, ASAP! You had 5 months  to get ready for the release that you knew was coming from Samsung, and you've had nearly two months since the release was available, yet there is still no patch available to your customers, who paid good money for support along with the service. How about you start supporting us now? At the very least, you're making me regret my choice to put my money into T-Mobile and not one of the many carriers who has already released the patch on this phone.


    You're going to have a class action suit on your hands pretty soon if you don't patch the phones.

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      • magenta3036843

        Re: Blueborne patch for S7?

        T-Mobile support representative suggested to me try to buy the patch from Samsung. Can you believe it???

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Blueborne patch for S7?

            That surprises me that someone told you that. The info we have right now is that T-Mobile is working with Samsung to roll roll out an update for this. We understand this is very important and we're suggesting you keep bluetooth off when you're not using it. I don't have an exact time when it'll come out for each individual device, but I'm optimistic. I know there was an update that for our Gear S3 device so other device should get an update as well. I wish I had more info, but we'll share more details as they come in.

              • sslman71

                Re: Blueborne patch for S7?

                How can that employee not get a lecture over that? Unbelievable wrong information. Why would he say that? Some representatives should of not been hired. I would of been fired for that, if I was working as a phone rep. again, and said something like that.