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    more than 50% of the calles i recive the person calling me can not hear me so they hang up and i have to call them back, the same when i call tmobil at 611 i can not chose any options by voice as they dont hear me?

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      • abbashaya

        Re: dropped calles

        nothing but headaches since i switched from Verizon to tmobil.

          • nelfar212

            Re: dropped calles

            What device are you using? also what signal strength are you showing? you might want to try to have them re-provision your phone if that doesn't work they can do a warranty exchange. when you call customer care do so from a different phone so they can trouble shoot, if that's not possible take it to the store. I assure you TMO does indeed have the best customer service in the business, the only other company that might have been better was Cingular wireless. IMHO

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          • snn555

            Re: dropped calles

            Sounds as if you may have a hardware issue with the microphone on your current phone.

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            • tmo_marissa

              Re: dropped calles

              Hey there! When you switch, we want your headaches to go away -- not appear!
              nelfar212 asked some good questions about your equipment and signal strength -- have you had a chance to Contact Us to see if there's an issue with the provisioning, or if there's something happening in your area? If you're still having trouble we'd love to know a little more about what's going on so we can try to help out!


              - Marissa

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: dropped calles

                Howdy abbashaya .


                Did you still need some help? Please give us a reply back and keep us updated on this. Thanks!

                • artdg@msn.com

                  Re: dropped calles

                  More than 50% of the calls I receive, the person calling me can not hear me so they hang up and I have to call them back to get the conversation going and sometimes, they will answer but still will not hear me. We end up texting.